Ep21: 7 seconds of white noise

Nov 12, 2014 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode Heyzen gets to share a little about his experience going to Club 33 and 1901. Did you know there are secret drinks that you can order at Cove Bar? Neither did we! We talk a bit about the music industry, Taylor Swift's platinum success and more!

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Recently I had a chance to go to Club 33 on my wife’s 33rd birthday. It was a fantastic experience that we still can’t believe happened. Photos of the Club will be coming soon.

Did you know that there are secret drinks at Cove Bar at Disney California Adventure?! I know!

The website Deliciously Disney (http://deliciouslydisney.com/) posted about secret drinks that you can get. Among them are:

Mickey’s Fun Wheel: contains vodka, gin, tequila, rum, blue curaçao, lemonade and then they add some pink stuff (probably something to help your stomach from all that liquor).


Photo credit Deliciously Disney blog

The Black Pearl:  technically this is a Long Island Ice TeaSprite is used and it’s topped off with Chambord

Photo credit Mousewait.com

Photo credit Mousewait.com

Zombie: (according to several reports) made with a dash of delicious, several fruit juices and (possibly) half of the rum they have on the shelf.

Photo credit Deliciously Disney blog

Photo credit Deliciously Disney blog

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  1. Rob

    Thanks for the shout out guys! Yes, my Instagram name may look confusing, but my name is Rob. My photography business for a few years was Rob D. Photography, hence the robd_foto. Thank you for making such a fun podcast to listen to. I laugh every week and can’t wait for Wednesday’s for new episodes. I’m hoping when we are at the park in December you guys will be around so I can get a button. Thanks again!!!

    • Heyzen

      We’d love to meet you Rob! Message us when you’re going to be out there and we’ll try to arrange coming down! 🙂

  2. Mamabear

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAVIER!!! May bacon find its way to you!!

    Now, Cove Bar. This has been the location for gatherings amongst my little Disney family for almost two years. We have gotten so #MainStreetWasted that we had to create said hash tag. I can vouch for Black Pearl, Zombie, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and a Captain America. Other friends can vouch for a Loki, Mystique, and I believe an Incredible Hulk. Superhero drinks are a specialty of a lovely bartender named Windsor who was introduced to us by friends who are now family. All of Windor’s drink are tasty and imaginative. Do be mindful of mixing your alcohols and it never hurts to ask what is in a drink! At one meeting of friends we were drinking Fun Wheels and decided to order Zombies. Our server said we probably couldnt handle so much different alcohol, we were a little miffed and decided to have a whole round of Zombies to spite him. Sadly, he was wrong and we walked out like bosses. Sure he might have told the bartender to go light, but we don’t think he did, we were still feeling nice and cozy. Please make sure to eat before you drink so you don’t end up like a few poor unfortunate souls we’ve seen huddled in corners!!

    Music. Wow where to begin. Trends come and go. You’ll find one recipe for a perfect genre and it works, but might fade out and come back evolved. Take late 80’s alternative music, change a few rhythms and it became the millenials emo. Pop just regenerates itself, you get your divas and boy bands who get the current teen scene. Ariana Grande is the new Mariah Carey, who was the new Whitney Houston. One Direction is the new N’Sync who was the new New Edition. NKOTB, Depeche Mode, Morrissey and a few other bands have rolled with the times, evolving their sound to appeal to new generations. I believe Taylor Swift is an anomaly who found a way to cross over successfully and is reaping the rewards as a benefit. She has the look teens and little girls can look up to, moms can appreciate her care for the messages she now sends out, and she’s got pretty decent music!!

    Love this episode too! Thanks guys! Oh, ps, you need a GoFundMe to get Javier a pass so you all can go on a field trip to the parks!

  3. Melissa


    Cove Bar, man the way you guys talked about the Zombie isn’t that bad. I used to knowck back about 2-3 at a time….5 once, never again lol. That and Mickey’s Fun Wheel is usually my drink of choice. Yes the Zombie is 5 different rums and to this day I still don’t know what kind, but hey it’s more bang for your buck! Also, the Black Pearl can also be made at Trader Sam’s and at the Steakhouse 55 Lounge. If you really want a good solid drink, I would choose Black Pearl. If you want a fun drink, definitely choose Mickey’s Fun Wheel. If you want balls to the wall, go with Zombie. They is good! Lol. For reals, 2-3 and I’m set with a buzz to carry on the day.

    Now I will say I have been to Trader Sam’s once with my loved ones on a slow day and was able to try whiskeys I would never have tried. We created a drink called the Jolly Roger for kicks with the bartenders and they were pretty cool about it.

    One day we shall go to the wonderful land of thee Cove Bar and munch on their nachos and drink some dranks.


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