Ep24: Luke, I am your father?

Dec 3, 2014 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we discuss our feelings about the hype surrounding the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and why we feel we might be disappointed watching Episode IV: A New Hope for the first time.

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With the excitement of the new Star Wars teaser trailer for Episode VII we decide in this episode that it’s finally time to watch the original Star Wars trilogy! We decided that within the next 2 weeks we will all start by watching ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’. During the podcast we express some of our concerns going into this regarding disappointment. Have you seen these movies? Did you like them and do you think they hold up from when you first saw them? Do you have any suggestions for us before we dive in? Leave your comments below.

If you haven’t seen the new teaser trailer, check it out below:

How about that tri-saber, huh? What are your thoughts on it? In the episode we pose the question, how do you feel about stories told from alternate character’s perspectives. Do you like that or has Wicked spawned a bunch of copycats?

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  1. Melissa

    In this episode, I sympathize with Mario because for a good 10-15 minutes both Heyzen and Javier created so much rage when talking about the Star Wars teaser trailer and Space Balls. For one, how can you call the trailer lame when you haven’t EVEN opened up the Star Wars original trilogy set. Your opinion is invalid dude lol. Space a balls being the worst film of the 80s? Heyzen…dude…no. Your point is invalid as well, watch the original trilogy then we shall talk about Space Balls. At this point I just want to give Mario a hug.

    I really hope you enjoy episode 4, 5 and 6. Do not base it off the special effects because that will tear you from the film’s glory. I am truly sorry you watched episode 1, 2 and 3. Those are the worst movies to start with in the a Star Wars franchise. Watch it with an open mind and just get lost into the world that takes place in a galaxy far far away.

    So, Maleficent…I did NOT like it when I first saw it in theaters. I was so disappointed in the film. I LOVE Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent is my favorite Disney Villain. When I left the theater I was just silent because I didn’t want to be the one rotten tomato. However, after close to a year I ended up watching the movie with a clean state because I did want to like the film. I watched it alone and with earphones in, and if ended up liking it. Not my favorite film but I grew more to appreciate the other side of the story.

    Overall, fun episode that got me engaged talking to my phone lol. I am SO happy you’re all going to see episode 4! Enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Jill

    I. Can’t. Even.

    I don’t know if I can associate myself as a friend of the podcast until you remedy the Star Wars sitch. I grew up thinking I was going to marry Luke Skywalker. (Good thing I didn’t, he aged horribly.) To know that Javier has blu ray unopened just breaks my heart. Yes episodes IV-VI are the ones to watch first. The “prequel” trilogy is like Diet Star Wars. The flavor is there but its altered and filtered. As a rite of passage, I sIt my son down and we watched all 6 movies in one weekend.

    I’m kinda still in shock over the Superman revelation too. Christopher Reeve was Superman and would have remained the idyllic portrayal if people hadn’t decided to revamp it. I’m not a huge fan of the reimaginations.

    Bottom line, I. Can’t. Even.

  3. Jill

    PS. Thank you for explaining Rick Roll. I’d heard about it but didn’t know the whole story. I love learning things unexpectedly!!

  4. Kenneth Tucker

    Great episode!
    When going into Star Wars: IV remember that this movie is a 30+ year old movie. There were such technical leaps in these films that they still use these to this day in movie making. I’m a fan of practical effects over CGI, but a well mix of both is also great. Since you guys have seen Phantom Menace and know how bad it is, that movie was about 99% CGI so the actors and actions had no passion. That CGI was bad. For Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom the mine cart scene was practical effects. They used life size versions and miniatures of the cave. This is good! Now take Titanic. The scene when the ship breaks in half is real. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOap9R6Hwxs) They went back into editing and added CGI. This is good CGI with the combo of practical effects. This is what we are getting in the new Star Wars, but I believe that the teaser trailer was not really that great. Yes I understand that this is a teaser trailer, but all the images they show you are things people have seen before so they had nostalgia flowing through them. I know they introduced new things, but what they showed you that was new versus old is what makes this lackluster.

    I think you guys should watch Spaceballs again after you have watched the OG Star Wars trilogy. It might bring in more laughs because you will know where the jokes come from. Maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I don’t know if I really like the different point of view movies. I did in the beginning, but now everything is getting the “Dark Knight” treatment. Like they take a beloved character and give it a bit more of a darker tone. It just seems like everything is becoming like that. It’s no longer fresh to me.

    Maybe I’m turning into…..arghdshd…noooooo….
    GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!! *shakes cane*

  5. Gavin

    Wow! So much material in this episode. Where to start. I’m not one to lambaste the uninitiated, but I am one to encourage the watching of such must-see films as the Star Wars Trilogy.

    I want to Support what Kenneth says above. Try to watch Episode 4 through the eyes of a movie goer in the late 1970’s. There is so much movie magic in it and it’s movie magic in the truest sense. Lucas leveraged the arts of set design, modeling, costuming, lighting and sound in incredibly innovative ways that broke the barriers of perception for both the audience and his filmmaking contemporaries. Some of the effects might not be what our modern eyes would accept as great today, but they were earth shattering at the time. Many of the effects, as Kenneth says, are practical effects and they totally hold up!

    As for Maleficent, I really liked it. I totally agree with Javier about the look of it being more like a cartoon or a fantasy world with live actors in it and that’s usually not my thing either, but this one somehow worked for me. I thought it was cool. And I did enjoy the story from Maleficent’s perspective. It made for a great character study of a villain who we never really knew anything about before.

    And now I’m afraid to watch the Superman movies. I think I’ll just keep them in a safe place in my memories.

    You guys are awesome. I’m always entertained.

  6. Jonny

    so I know this is an older episode, and at this point this was actually my third go through of this episode (hey I work by myself and run out of new podcast episodes to listen to so I re-binge on shows I like), and I gotta say… how dare you sirs?!!! Now I know at this point you’ve FINALLY seen Star Wars and I know what you thought of it, but I still must say HOW DARE YOU SIRS?!!! Especially Heyzen for your space balls comments!!!!

    That being said, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, I agree with Javier. Maleficent was a TERRIBLE movie. I love wicked. And I love the parallel story telling. But thats what it is supposed to be. PARALLEL. Not skewing a story and taking it somewhere that it has nothing to do with whatsoever. They COMPLETELY changed who maleficent was. In Wicked Elpheba is still a witch. Does she use some parlor tricks as well? Yes she does(SPOILERS). In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is an evil sorceress who is from hell, practices dark magic, and is ESSENTIALLY, a satanist. NOT A FAIRY!!!!!

    • Heyzen

      Sorry, Jonny. Maybe now that I’ve had the Star Wars context I’ll enjoy Space Balls. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. Maybe it was mood that day or how it was presented but I just didn’t enjoy it the first time I saw it. If I watch it again and it changes my mind I’ll take back my comments. Until then, I stand by what I said. 🙂

      • Jonny

        hahaha right on dude!!! 🙂


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