Welcome to the Teamboat Willie page!

Teamboat Willie is our charity event team name which pays tribute to one of our favorite Mickey Mouse cartoons. This page will serve as a hub for the events that we will be participating in and a link to our fundraising pages for charities that we would like to help.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”   – Mahatma Gandhi.

We will be adding 2 more fundraiser pages over the next few months but the CHOC-Walk will kick-off our newly formed team and will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. This 5K walk will be held at Disneyland August 27th, 2017. Although we have independently participated in this event for almost a decade we have never done it as part of our own team and we’re very excited to do this!

If you would like to help, here’s a few ways to lend us a hand:

  1. Donate: Below you will find a link to our fundraising page(s) to help us reach our very modest goal of $250. Every little bit helps and we appreciate anything that you’re able to contribute. You click on the link or the image with out logo below.
  2. Share this page: Sharing this page will allow more people to become aware of our efforts and potentially help us reach (or even surpass) those goals sooner!
  3. Join Teamboat Willie: Walk with us to support CHOC by using the registration link below. Remember to use the Team name: Teamboat Willie (Podketeers Charity Team) when signing up here: https://www.chocwalk.org/Account/Register

If you have any questions, send us message on any of our social channels (links below) or send us a message using our Contact page.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for your support!

-Podketeers (Heyzen, Mario and Javier)

Teamboat Willie

The Podketeers Charity Team has officially kicked-off! Represent Teamboat Willie with our official logo shirt as we work to raise funds to help some amazing organizations!


Click here (or on the image) to purchase your own!


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