Ep383: What if… someone joined the party

This week we talk about our adventures in collectible merchandise, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate gets the game’s final character making a lot of fans very happy, Imagineering is making a big change that’s affecting many Imagineers, we officially announce the launch of something new, a surprise addition brings a scarier twist to Oogie Boogie Bash, Larry and Mel tell us about their recent trips and more!

Ep382: 200 Years of Sleepy Hollow

In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with local artist and curator of the exhibit ‘Legend: 200 Years of Sleepy Hollow’, Clark Silva! Clark tells us about his career, how he got started, and what led him to curate this show, and the process of doing so. It was a great talk and we’re thankful we had some time to sit and chat with him. We also discuss the new Disney+ special Muppets Haunted Mansion!

Ep381: 50th Magic

In this episode, we talk about Walt Disney World kicking off their 50th-anniversary celebration with new experiences in their parks including new shows like Harmonious, Disney Enchantment, and Kite Tails! We talk about some big changes coming to the Main Street camera shop at Disneyland’s, plus Larry talks about visiting Freeform’s Halloween Road and Mel tells us about visiting the exhibit ‘LEGEND: 200 Years of Sleepy Hollow’.

Teamboat Willie Limited Edition Gold Pin


Only 100 pins available!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our LIMITED EDITION Teamboat Willie enamel pin!

Only 100 of these gold variant pins will be available for purchase. As a special bonus, $5 from every pin sold will be donated to  City of Hope in support of finding a cure for women’s cancers!

These pins are available now by clicking the button below. 

Let’s #ChangeTheWorld!

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WeveGotEars ❤️s Podketeers! ★★★★★ Yes they tell stories and make jokes but you know there are enough Disney podcasts out there chock full of straight info. I love hearing these guys’ take and love their jokes. They deliver Disney news (and etc!) in a fun way that always keeps me chuckling. Their passion for Disney is evident and they do their research while giving their own opinions too. It’s great.
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So Much Fun Listening! ★★★★★ These guys are hysterical and make you feel like you are one of their friends! Plus, they have great info about Disney, Comic Books, Movies and everything a Disnerd loves. Listening to them during my commute is a highlight of my week. Thanks so much guys!!
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Warning: You will laugh. ★★★★★ Wednesdays at work are my longest days in the week, and these guys have me busting out laughing! My coworkers think I’m crazy because I laugh so much! If you love everything Disney, beer, bacon, technology, and everything in between, you should DEFINITELY give this podcast a listen! I’ve been listening since Episode 1 and have not been disappointed!
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