Ep208: Seeing Redd

Many were very excited to welcome Redd to the Disneyland resort. Not only does she appear in the attraction but she also walks around New Orleans Square. Check her out below: With small tweaks throughout the attraction, the show was almost stolen by the newest scene...

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Ep207: Uncrowned

This week we talk about all dining venues now serving alcohol at Walt Disney World and whether bringing back experiences like Electronica or Mad T Party would be a good idea. We also discuss an article that ranked the Disney Princesses (in what they called) “most worthless to most powerful”. We give our own take on that article with our rankings plus we give our opinion on who should be crowned the next official Disney Princess.

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Ep206: I’m tall, Darling!

AJ is back to tell us about her experience watching Beauty and the Beast in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, we also check out the Jedi Training Academy plus Edna Mode is coming to the parks but there was a similarity that was brought up in the episode that we couldn’t unsee.

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Ep205: What would you pay?

This week we talk about more of the foods being offered at Pixar Fest and a strange + kinda scary moment that VJ had during one of his meals! Plus we also talk about a new event to preview Pixar Pier and why we’re so confused about it.

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VLOG: The Pixarmonic Orchestra

The Pixarmonic Orchestra (presented by TripleDent Gum) is SO fun! The 7-piece band performs at the Paradise Garden Bandstand as part of Pixar Fest. Their song list contains many of our Pixar favorites songs but the fun part is that they use slide whistles, cowbells, kazoos and other unique instruments!

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Ep204: What’s that smell?

This week, Melissa, VJ and Heyzen talk about the Churro Challenge at Disneyland, the original Iron Man suit goes missing (and somehow the question ‘I wonder what it smells like in there’ is asked) and also the Maleficent float from the Festival of Fantasy parade at Walt Disney World catches fire.

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