Ep252: Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

This week we discuss additional changes coming in preparation for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge (including changes to Adventureland and the Disneyland app). A teaser has finally dropped for the upcoming Star Wars film and we now know the title! We got an official announcement for what we can expect to see on Disney+, launch date and price. Plus, Gavin continues our talks on Toon Town by telling us about Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin!

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Ep251: Toontown – The Tale of the Mouse’s House

In this episode we talk about a group of Avengers that made a surprise appearance at California Adventure, we discuss some of the downside at Fox after the conclusion of the Disney acquisition, an academy award winning director is leaving Disney for Sony, extra-wide strollers and smoking are now banned at Disney parks and we cap off the episode with Melissa telling us a little about Toontown!

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Ep249: Armchair Imagineering (New Street Magic)

This week we talk about Heyzen’s experience trying to meet Disney-Inspired Artist, Jason Ratner, Gavin and Melissa give us some updates on their submissions for the D23 Haunted Mansion Design Competition, Melissa tells us about some limited time magic on Indiana Jones, plus we bring wrap up our talks on Main Street with a good ol’ Armchair Imagineering Session!

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Ep248: Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln

Heyzen and his wife recently had the opportunity to take the Warner Brothers studio tour and we talk about some of the things from the tour, we comment on the news that James Gunn is back on as director for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after being fired by Disney last year, plus we continue our stroll on Main Street, U.S.A as Heyzen tells you a little about the history of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

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Ep247: Shopping on Main Street, U.S.A.

In this episode we chat about the news regarding content on Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service, Disney is taking an interesting approach to the opening of Galaxy’s Edge and we talk about how effective it might be, we talk about Captain Marvel and how it did its opening weekend opening, and Melissa takes us down memory lane on Main Street, U.S.A as she tells us about some of the shops that Main Street has seen.

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Ep246: Legendary!

In this episode we also talk about some of the news regarding Galaxy’s Edge, changes coming to Epcot, plus we tell you about the Disney Legends award and we have a round-table discussion about who we would like to see receive this award.

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