Ep200: The Road to 300

We’re celebrating 200 episodes with a special MEGA episode! We talk about the opening of Pixar Fest, our favorite parades and why we connected with them PLUS we play some Disney Trivia!

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Ep199: Hey, Stickers!

This week we talk about the new Monorail wraps for Pixar Fest and what we would do differently. We talk about Ready Player One and Wreck-It-Ralph 2 plus we make some comparisons to another film in the Disney catalog. We talk about a town that the Disney company built named Celebration in FL.

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Ep198: Use brackets responsibly

In this episode we talk about one of Heyzen’s Disney dreams finally coming true… until it didn’t. One of our favorite series is finally coming to Blu-ray and DVD! A ‘Lego: The Incredibles’ game is coming this summer and we discuss what Disney franchises we think would be good as a Lego game or movie. Finally we talk about a Disney/Pixar bracket that broke the internet and ruined friendships. We give our opinions on this bracket, what we felt was wrong and how we thought we could fix it.

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Ep197: Lunch with RDJ

In this episode we wrap up our inaugural March Mayhem and announce the winner of our giveaway, Black Panther keeps breaking records, a 31-hour MCU marathon is happening, going on a cruise with Doctor Strange, and finally Bugsland is leaving to make room for more Marvel attractions at DCA so we talk about what we’d like to see in that area.

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Ep196: The Swashbuckling Life

This week we confirm the rumor that Carl Fredricksen’s house floating over Sleeping Beauty Castle during Pixar Fest and the new foods being offered during the summer event. We talk about our favorite memories, thoughts on changes and other topics about Pirates of the Caribbean as we celebrate the attractions anniversary.

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Marvel recently announced that Avengers: Infinity War would be released earlier than originally announced and now we have the latest trailer with new footage! Tell us what you think in the comments section down below! Avengers: Infinity War will be in...

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Ep195: FRUSHI!!!!

In this episode we talk about Wrinkle In Time, the Christopher Robin teaser, we recap the first week of our inaugural March Mayhem, Melissa, AJ, and VJ head to the Food and Wine Festival at DCA, Teamboat Willie is ready for CHOCWalk 2018 and we talk about our favorite breakfast items at the parks!

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