Ep259: Entertainment Everywhere!

In this episode, Heyzen and Melissa talk about their first impressions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and their experience in the park opening weekend. Melissa also gives us a rundown of some of the entertainment that guests have experienced at Disneyland since opening day.

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Ep258: The history and impact of the MCU

This week we talk about some amazing opportunities that Melissa and Gavin will have the chance to check out. The walls of Project Stardust have finally come down and we talk about some of the magic that brought us. Plus we tell you a little history on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how we feel it impacted society.

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Ep256: Peter Pan’s Flight

This week we talk Disney’s new Flex annual pass, what we’d like to see as part of a Disneyland Forever when it returns this summer and we continue our Fantasyland talks with some history about Peter Pan’s Flight!

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Ep255: Fantasyland in the Dark

This week we talk about the $2 billion rise of Avengers: Endgame as it continues to decimate records, Guardians of the Galaxy pays homage to different animation styles, reservations for Galaxy’s Edge go live and we talk about about our attempts to get a time slot plus Gavin tells us about the Fantasyland dark rides!

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