75th Anniversary Captain America statue

Jul 20, 2016 | Blog post

In this episode: Marvel gives us our first look at the 75th Anniversary bronze statue of Captain America.
Marvel gave us our first look at the new bronze Captain America statue marking the comic book hero’s 75th Anniversary. Scheduled to be officially unveiled this week at San Diego Comic-Con (and yes, a commemorative collectible will be available for purchase). The 13 ft. statue will make its way across the country before it reaches its final destination of Brooklyn, NY. The statue will be at its temporary location in Prospect Park during a dedication ceremony while attendees can enjoy a special screening of Captain America: Civil War before it heads to Barclays Center in September, followed by Sunset Park in October.

Marvel’s social media accounts will be following Captain Roger’s trip so make sure you follow @Marvel (Instagram) for updates.

What do you think of the new statue? Leave your comments down below!


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