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Jul 1, 2016 | Blog post

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A little known fact about the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is that if you knew how (and who) to ask you could request a “death certificate” that you received after getting off the ride. The design was simple: a purple tinted certificate looking sheet that said “I survived the Haunted Mansion” and had our beloved hitchhiking ghosts in their signature thumbs-out positions. It was hardly a design marvel but it was a cool easter egg for Haunted Mansion fans.

Today, it’s difficult to say if this practice is still going on because many have tried to request one but have failed. I’ve failed several times trying to get one and I go to the park frequently so the validity of whether or not this is still going on is still up in the air (at least for me). So what are you to do?

Our friends over at have the answer! The extensive Haunted Mansion/fan resource site is a must visit for Haunted Mansion fans in general but they have a death certificate generator which looks pretty cool if you ask me. They allow you to select one of four Disney parks which determines the watermarked mansion (or manor) in the background. The completed certificate looks like the one below:



You can check out the death certificate generator by visiting the Doombuggies website by clicking on the link below:


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