Ep22: Hulking Out

Nov 19, 2014 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we discuss some of the things we like about the holidays at Disneyland, limited edition prints recently given away as part of the 45th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion and how Sriracha sauce turns Javier into the Hulk. True story.

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Early on in this episode Javier “hulks out” because Mario and I couldn’t remember something we had shown him before we started recording. We finally figured out that he was talking about a “to-go” bottle of Sriracha that we had seen on Twitter.

Photo credit foodiggity.com

Photo credit foodiggity.com

While recording I made a comment about how Photoshop was “clearly” used to create it and boy was I “clearly” wrong. This is an actual product! A company called  Sriracha 2 Go actually sells these small empty bottles so that you can fill them and take your Sriracha sauce on the go. Genius!

Speaking of food, during the month of October, Disneyland had limited edition prints to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Haunted Mansion of the stretching portraits, however, they featured the ‘Fab Five’.


The prints were $5 and were only available for purchase if you made (at least) a $30 food purchase. This was tough because it had to be before tax and with your AP discount you ended up having to buy something else to get you over the $30 mark. The locations where these prints were available are as follows:

Minnie Mouse – Rancho de Zocalo

Mickey, Donald and Goofy – River Belle Terrace

Daisy Duck – Plaza Inn

Goofy – French Market

Painted by artist Eric Scales, these prints were really nice and worth the money you spent to get them. Although framing them is a bit awkward, they are a great piece of art.

Christmas at the park is so fun! There are so many fun things to do. What is your favorite thing to do at Disneyland during the holiday season? Leave a comment down below.

Look guys! Churros!

Look guys! Churros!


Until next time! °o°

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  1. christilynn

    Another super awesome episode!
    I have yet yo get my hands on fresh Candy Canes but my favorite are the massive Gingetbread cookies from jolly holliday! Of you haven’t already demolished one….. “Handle it!!!”
    As far as traditions go. Love going to the jingle jangle jamboree! The reindeer, Santa and cookie decorating tug at my “bahumbug” heart strings every time.
    The Holiday firework show is also nothing less than magical! Who doesn’t love all that bubble snow!!!!!
    Cheers to the Ears!

    • Heyzen

      Wait. Massive gingerbread cookies?!?! Seriously. Need!

      Jingle Jangle Jamboree is a pretty fun place. I’m diggin’ all the stuff they’ve been doing back there. Haven’t done the cookie decoration yet but plan on doing it next time I head to the park.

      Word of advice: don’t try catching bubbles snowflakes with your tongue. 😉

  2. Kenneth Tucker

    As christilynn said, the gingerbread cookies are the bee’s knees! They have many different kinds here at Walt Disney World. I’m pretty sure they have them at at Disneyland, but they have gingerbread men with chocolate mouse ears! They are down right awesome. As traditions go….anything goes! We don’t always make it down to the parks near the holiday times, but we still have Disney Holiday traditions. We always watch our Touchstone VHS release of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ . (Good Ol’ Fashion Disney History.) I wanted to share my discovery of the meaning of Christmas thanks to my parents and Disney.

    My father was in the Army so when never lived in one place for that long. We were once close enough to go to Disney World for Summer vacations for a couple of years. One year we didn’t go. My brother and I were kinda bummed about it, but we had a big surprise when my parents told us that we were going to Disney World on Christmas day. We didn’t stay on Disney property, but we stayed in a very nice resort. On Christmas day we woke up to a pop-up Christmas tree with presents underneath! I couldn’t believe that we still got gifts! I was thinking what I had put on my wish list and I remember I asked for Heelys, the “cool” new shoes of the time. Lo and behold I got……….knockoffs. They were big and clunky. They had four sets of wheels instead of one! I was so angry, but I pretended like I liked them to make my folks happy. That was a mistake.

    They thought I liked them so much they said it would be a good idea to wear them to the park. I was so embarrassed to walk around with hunks of plastic on my feet. My spoiled-brat anger just built up inside of me when I saw other kids whizzing around the park with their pair of Heelys. I forced myself not to be happy at The Most Magical Place On Earth. I crossed my arms and pouted. It was about halfway through the day and I was sitting on the bench waiting to go into The Crystal Palace. I people watched and saw all the happy families, but there was one that was not so happy. The kids were screaming, “I want it. I want it! Gimme it.” They flayed about as the parents tried to take control. One the kids jerked and yelled, “I HATE YOU MOM!”

    The mother couldn’t handle it. She started crying. By this time we were about to be seated. I just stopped and turned to my mom. I gave her the biggest hug. She asked why I was doing that. I told her about the shoes and how I was feeling. She laughed. I was so confused! Why would she be laughing at this heartfelt moment? “We knew you hated those shoes as soon as you opened the box. You don’t hide your emotions very well.” she said. I was ruined. I went the rest of the day with a proud look on my face even when I rolled around with my knockoffs……not so much so when they broke.

    I had things just simply click in my head. I didn’t realize how much was being given to me. I had a loving family that did all these wonderful things for my brother and I. Here I was caught up on some stupid shoes that I didn’t even see what was right in front of me. Many Christmas come and go, but my mom and I always talk about those dumb little shoes around this time.

    Awesome episode you guys! I can’t wait for the contest! Happy Turkey day soon! Take care.

  3. Jonny

    Starbucks cup name: Dr. Emelius Brown. doubt even most cast memebers will know that one.

    Jingle Cruise: Jingle cruise is awesome! Heyzen you’re crazy!!! it gives the Skippers fresh jokes! AND they seem to enjoy it more! We had one that essentially played the meow game from super troopers but with saying “Jingle!” as many times as possible. it was AWESOME!!!!

    • Heyzen

      Wow! Sweet callback! Took me a second to figure out where he was from!
      Re: Jingle Cruise – WHAT?!? That’s awesome! Man. I want to ride while playing the “jingle game”. lol!

      • Jonny



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