Ep29: The Pixar Theory

Jan 7, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we talk about the Pixar Theory and how all of the movies in the Pixar universe are possibly connected!

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The Pixar theory was originally created by Jon Negroni back in 2013. Upon its creation, the imaginations of Disney/Pixar fans were treated to a plethora of concepts that is only growing in popularity as new films are released and new segments to the theory are added. So are all the movies connected on purpose? In 1994 John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton and the late Joe Ranft had a lunch to talk about what was coming next now that Toy Story was almost completed. In that meeting it’s said that they came up with A Bug’s Life, Monster’s Incorporated, Finding Nemo and Wall-E. Isn’t it possible that at least one of them said “wouldn’t it be cool if all these movies were connected?”. Lets take a look the visual timeline of the theory we talk about in this episode (from Jon’s website):


If you want to read the entire Pixar Theory you can head over to Jon’s site by clicking on the link below:


So what do you think about the Pixar Theory? Do you buy into the fact that all of the movies are connected or is it all coincidence? Leave a comment down below and let us know.


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  1. Rob

    Hey Guys!
    So, I have an issue with this whole theory. I think that a lot of it makes sense and can tie together, everything from Andy’s aunt and uncle (maybe) is Ellie and Carl, sure, I can buy that and pretty much everything else. All, except for the theory that Monsters Inc is happening in the future and the doors are time travel. No. No way. My theory is that Monsters Inc and even M.U. is happening at the same time as everything else, Toy Story, Up, etc. It’s just happening in a diffferent dimension. Insert String Theory here. There’s so many things from the human world that are in the Monsters world that I believe it’s all happening at the same time, just in a different world. I do like the idea of a different dimension though. Other than that, it all makes sense. It all ties into one another. Interesting theory!
    Once again, I enjoyed the podcast! Keep it up!

    • Heyzen

      The whole idea of parallel universes is intriguing. It was a something that I personally thought about and am still willing to entertain the idea. After all, it is just a theory. 😉

  2. Gavin

    Hm. This Pixar theory is interesting indeed. I do think it’s a bit of a stretch, but fun to think about for sure. It seems like the long-standing tradition Disney has had of dropping easter eggs into its films was taken to new extremes with the Pixar catalogue. They seem to be obsessed with hiding characters and clues and references in their films. This lends itself to the possibility of making connections where they may not be. If you look at something specifically trying to find the answer you want you will invariably find it. If you set out to prove they’re all connected and accept concepts like time travel, alternate dimensions and such, you will most certainly find a way to prove it.
    This reminds me of the “Paul is Dead” conspiracy theory about the Beatles that exploded in the 60’s. Javier may be able to back me up on this. A couple of disc jockeys posited the idea that Paul McCartney had died and they replaced him with the winner of a Beatles Look-A-Like contest. They spouted a couple of reasons and let the rumor take hold. Before they knew it Beatles fans the world over were find clues and references to this cover-up in Beatles’ lyrics, on the covers of their albums, and even in interview transcripts. It was all bunk, but people wanted to see connections so they saw them. (There is a great book on this phenomenon called “The Walrus was Paul” by R. Gary Patterson)
    Anyway, I think it’s more likely that the Pixar artists just really dig sticking little things in their movies. Man, I sound like a grump in this post. I loved this podcast!

  3. Karina

    Hey guys! I know this is a little over a week late, but bear with me. 🙂 Great episode. I think The Pixar Theory is fun to think about and it’s definitely interesting and somewhat entertaining to see how people think the movies are all connected. However, that is all I see it as. A theory. I don’t think it’s necessarily true. I just think the Pixar guys really just like to put “easter eggs” in their movies. The thing I have the biggest issue with is the “Zero Point Energy” portion. According to this theory, a toy needs to be played with in order to be alive, correct? Now, if that is the case how do you explain The Prospector? According to this theory he should not be alive, so to speak, because he has never actually been taken out of his box and touched or been played with. So that is where the theory loses me. But again, it’s fun to think about and it is very interesting for sure! And I really enjoyed listening. Thanks for sharing!


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