Ep31: Mimosas and magic

Jan 21, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: Early morning mimosas as we discuss how Coke can do things it's not intended for, dancing police officers, painting the night with glowing wands and ears and more! Join us!

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What a week. Mimosas were this week’s drink of choice as we got together to record really early in the morning. Anyhow, the video below is the one that we talk about regarding the Police officer singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (this is the whole video not the short version). Take a look if you haven’t seen it and leave a comment below letting us know if you feel this is fake or not:


Here’s the video of the sugar difference between the sugar content in Coke and Coke Zero:


Some of the known “uses” of (regular) Coke are said to be:

  • A laundry stain remover  (due to the carbonic and phosphoric acid)
  • A window cleaner (due to the citric acid)
  • Pain neutralizer for jelly-fish and bee stings
  • Rust remover
  • Odor remover if you get sprayed by a skunk
  • Remove toilet stains (as mentioned in the episode)
  • Paint remover
  • Battery corrosion cleaner (as mentioned in the episode)
  • Loosen tight bolts
  • Remove blood stains (as mentioned in the episode)

Some of these seem really far-fetched. Have you or anyone you know tried any of them? If so, let us know below.


Early last year Disney introduced a set of “Glow with the Show” Mickey ears that would light up as part of World of Color (the capability was also added to Fantasmic!). Late in 2014 it was announced that Disney would rebrand the Mickey Ears, the Glowing Mickey gloves and the magic wand to a product line called “Made with Magic” (there is also a Minnie headband that is part of the product line).  The 60th Anniversary appears to be getting a techy upgrade and it appears that the Made with Magic products will play a major role in the festivities as it looks like they will work with the upcoming Anaheim version of the Paint the Night parade, possibly the new fireworks show, World of Color, Fantamic!, etc. What do you think about the glow products? They’ve been around for a while now so have you seen them in action? Do you think they add to the experience of the show or create a distraction? Leave your thoughts below. 



Also, if you plan on heading to Disneyland, don’t have a pass and live in Southern California, here is the discount tickets link that we spoke of:

SoCal Residents: 2 and 3-Day Ticket Offer in Time for Frozen Fun at Disney California Adventure Park 

Quick note: In this episode I inaccurately attributed the Paint the Night Parade to Tokyo Disney when in fact it is at Hong Kong Disney. I apologize for that mistake.

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Melissa

    Omg the Made With Magic wands ARE AMAZING!!!!! I have one and 4 others of us have one and it’s loads of fun! They are totally interactive with everything from Fireworks, World of Color, Snowfall, Fantasmic and other made with magic merchandise. Unfortunately not too many people know about it because these babies are fantastic. They also change colors when you walked through Main Street USA with green and red. They also do change to “show mode” before any of the mentioned show to let you know it’s working. Also, at Cars Land they should glow red, white and green by Luigi’s and slow yellow pulse at the traffic light. I don’t recall if Flo’s is another location but check. Now this is where it gets awesome, YOU CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE’S GLOW EARS, MINNIE GLOW BOWS and WANDS! Best part is walking behind the person and changing the color of the ears of the person from behind and up to 10-15 feet away. That also means you can change the carts by Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and around the resort. Tip: Go to the World of Color window display at Downtown Disney and change those ears. (You’re welcomed) Another fun thing to do is play “laser tag” with the wands. One will change as many wands in its radius, so in saying that the with the new parade will be super exciting. The float will constantly change with color and I can’t wait. Also, I’ll tag you guys in videos because they do work very different than the ears at the participating shows. (They do come up to $20 with premium discount) I love these wands so much, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

    • Melissa

      Also you sync your wand to whichever item your you want to change. That’s how you change the colors, there’s so many choices to choose from as well. I also recommend changing the batteries as soon as you purchase the wand because the batteries are not the best. I’m so excited you touched down on this subject.

  2. Melissa

    Correction: Main Street USA during Holidays.

  3. Anitza

    While I don’t think the cop video is 100% genuine there’s a few items you missed our neglected. It starts out with them saying they were reviewing the video downloaded and decided to share it. I also read a story how he’s basically the class clown and no one was surprised when they saw it pop up. As for respect, I think that is a moot point when you have a flashing black and white and a big guy like him with a gun at his disposal. I’m sure his tone would not welcome any ribbing if it was a serious situation.

    And the coke video, man those are sure making the rounds. It is funny to me that people are so taken by it. It’s sugar. That’s what happens when you cook it. Ever heard of caramel? Molasses? As for the cleaning and dissolving properties, ugh. Your own stomach acid is stronger. The acid in your mimosa was stronger!

    And in the US I’m pretty sure we get HFCS Coke because of the corn subsidies, but you can look into it if you Iike.

    Oh, and I so want to be part of the light show with either the ears or wand. It’s so cool!


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