Ep37: Agree with me!

Mar 4, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we give our thoughts on the recent annual pass price hikes at the Disney parks.

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So, Kentucky Police have issued an arrest warrant for Frozen’s Elsa… because it’s cold.

Michael Greening and his wife Diane celebrated Valentine’s Day and their 17th wedding anniversary by visiting 3 Disney parks. They started off at Tokyo Disney (on Valentine’s day), flew to Walt Disney World in Florida and finished off their day at 9 a.m. (still on Valentine’s Day) at Disneyland in Anaheim. This awesome feat was accomplished due to the 16 hour time difference between Tokyo and Los Angeles. Javier thought that this was a horrible idea (and even went off on some weird unnecessary tangents) but is this something that you would do? Leave your comments down below.

The family that we mention on the podcast that is walking from Disneyland to Walt Disney World to raise cancer awareness is the Cobb Family from Houston. Their journey began after they lost their daughter to Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.  In the episode, Mario said that they had started earlier this year but they actually got started August 6, 2014 from Disneyland in Anaheim. To find out more about them, their journey and how you can help , please visit their website below:


If you’re interested in reading our original post on the price increase for annual passes you can check that out here:

Prices increase at Disneyland

Here is a quick breakdown of the price increases:

  • Premium AP: will go from $699 to $779 (with parking; no blackout dates)
  • Deluxe AP: will go from $519 to $549 (no parking; with blackout dates)
  • So Cal Select: will go from $289 to $299 (no parking; with blackout dates)
  • So Cal: sales suspended; eligible renewals only

We talked about how we feel this is partly due to attendance and also maintaining the park. In 1955, approximately 1 million people visited the park. Although Disney doesn’t release attendance numbers, it is estimated  and that the number of park-goers increased to over 16 million in 2013. Wikipedia has a great chart showing the price of a one-day passport  since 1981 (when they were available for group sales) and then in 1982 and on when the concept of individual tickets was dropped.

Year Price US$ Increase
1981  $                      10.75  N/A
1982  $                      12.00  $                                 1.25
1984  $                      14.00  $                                 2.00
1985  $                      17.95  $                                 3.95
1986  $                      18.00  $                                 0.05
1987  $                      21.50  $                                 3.50
1990  $                      25.50  $                                 4.00
1991  $                      27.50  $                                 2.00
1993  $                      28.75  $                                 1.25
1994  $                      31.00  $                                 2.25
Jan 1999  $                      39.00  $                                 8.00
Jan 2000  $                      41.00  $                                 2.00
Nov 2000  $                      43.00  $                                 2.00
Mar 2002  $                      45.00  $                                 2.00
Jan 2003  $                      47.00  $                                 2.00
Mar 2004  $                      49.75  $                                 2.75
Jan 2005  $                      53.00  $                                 3.25
June 2005  $                      56.00  $                                 3.00
Jan 2006  $                      59.00  $                                 3.00
Sep 2006  $                      63.00  $                                 4.00
Sep 2007  $                      66.00  $                                 3.00
Aug 2008  $                      69.00  $                                 3.00
Aug 2009  $                      72.00  $                                 3.00
Aug 2010  $                      76.00  $                                 4.00
June 2011  $                      80.00  $                                 4.00
May 2012  $                      87.00  $                                 7.00
June 2013  $                      92.00  $                                 5.00
May 2014  $                      96.00  $                                 4.00
Feb 2015  $                      99.00  $                                 3.00

What do you think about this? Will you be renewing your pass? Do you think it’s still a good deal? What do you feel is too much? Leave your comments below.


The man that visited Disneyland 1000 consecutive days is Jeff Reitz and he is still going strong. The day that this episode releases will be his 1159 consecutive day! If you want to follow Jeff on Twitter, he is @Disney366.


We would still love to get Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, on the podcast. Thank you to everyone that has tweeted him using the hashtag #HirshOnPodketeers. If you would like to help us out with that, please send a tweet to @_alexhirsch.




Finally, we mentioned in the intro for this episode that Mario’s girlfriend, Kimberly, has a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign going on to support Cancer Research. Kim has already reached her goal but every little bit helps. If feeling good about doing something nice isn’t enough, you also get a great song composed you would like to contribute, please click below


Until next time! °o°

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  1. Melissa

    Hi guys! Good episode for discussion. I will say I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with Javier. For one, I have met Michael and Dianne and they are two of the sweetest people. I met them through very good friends and of course they’re big Disneyland fans. I applaud their actions on taking on 3 parks in 24 hours. That’s an amazing feat! We did 2 in 24 hours before our trip to WDW. All we did was take a picture in front of the castle and chill by the corn dog with more of our familia until it was time to go. I literally was really upset to hear Javier run his nonsense thoughts without evening knowing a bit about the couple. What if they stumble upon this episode? Then again, anyone else can be saying as well but for Javier to ask “is she pretty?” was really uncalled for.

    Disney prices. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone about this. Last time they did this and hit us Premium folks twice was the year Cars Land and Buena Vista Street debut. I’ll still pay. Now to think about this I will say this I have a ticket to Disneyland that’s for $28 BUT that was in 1998 and I remember how hard it was to convince my parents to buy the ticket. Even back then both parents were working and it was tough for them. Which leads me to 2015, it’s the same story so Javier is WRONG! It’s been like this since day one, plus let’s not forget you had to buy individual tickets for rides you wanted to ride. INDIVIDUAL TICKETS a. That would be nuts now, the one time price justifies it. How you ask? Entertainment, maintenance, food, security…it all adds up. Let me tell you you won’t get the same at any other park. I had a Universal Studios pass last year and only went 3 times because it my family went. I didn’t see myself going. I went to Six Flags 2 years ago, I swear a regular park bathroom was more maintained and the food prices were sky high. More expensive than Disneyland. I’ve also been to Sea World, all the same things, simply put, nothing compares to Disneyland and it’s magic.
    Plus the AP events are becoming more and more awesome and that’s all with the money that comes in from admission. Last Ap event I attended we rode so many attractions in multiples, totally 12 in 4 hours. That is totally WORTH it every single penny for the passes. I challenge Javier to tell me what other theme park comes close to that. (Also, I don’t appreciate having to walk through a metal detector before entering the park)

    My hubby and I both had passes, but now it’s just me. We made cuts but there’s no way I could have gone without my pass. Disneyland is my escape, my fantasyland, my home. I don’t get that anywhere else. I’ve had a pass for 5 years straight, about 7 in between.

    Haters are going to hate but there’s so much you get out of for the prices of admission. More than any of the theme parks listed and then some.

    Beer, Cheers and Mickey ears guys! °o°

    • Javier

      I hope you understand I mean no disrespect. What I say is all in fun. I make split second jokes and put zero thought in what i say lol… I consider you a friend Mel so I apologize if I’ve offended. All I want to do is entertain.

      • Melissa

        It’s all good Javier, I know you joke around and that’s cool but I was literally shocked when I heard that. My first initial thought was “did he just go there?”. I know your opinions are majority of the time are usually opposite of Heyzen and Mario except for that one time I agreed with you lol. 🙂

  2. christilynn

    Its Javier’s world we just live in it!!! Lol
    Seriously though price increase doesn’t phase me. As far as E ticket rides.. Did you forget about Cars Land?!?!? I think that all the work that had been done within DCA is sometimes overlooked.
    Loved the episode! Also I would totally do as many parks in 24hr so long as I had enough Cocaine, Vodka and Monster! Kidding… (kinda)
    Keep it up guys your fabulous!!!
    Cheers to the Ears
    Christilynn (DisneyVodka)

    • Javier

      Ha! Love it. #JavierlovesJavier lol

  3. Tinkerbella728

    I hadn’t even finished the episode before I had to stop. As a coast to coast challenge achiever, I totally understand the “let’s do it because we can!!” Now granted, when I did it, I flew from Las Vegas to Long Beach so I could fly to Orlando with my friends as part of this challenge. So I can appreciate a couple managing to fit in a photo op at a Disney park.

    As for the price increase….yeah I’m one to whine and moan about it but, I also budget for it. I do the monthly payment option to make it more feasible. I love the privilege of being able to swing by the park for a ride or two, maybe just a meal, or to spend an hour on the patio at Hungry Bear just to watch the ducks on the water.

    Do I feel the increase is justified? Not entirely. I feel it’s excluding those who can’t afford paying for the pass in one lump sum, or who can’t do monthly payments because they aren’t so cal residents. I think “thinning out the crowds” mentality isn’t working. I’m seeing crowds constantly, so someone obviously is affording ticket increases.

  4. christilynn

    I know I already posted a comment but after tonights AP event a couple thoughts came to mind. If Disney was trying to eliminate ap holders to thin crowds. Why have all these new ap events been so prevalent the past couple years. Also if they really want to control the ap population all they need to do is eliminate the payment plan. I think that would thin the heard significantly. Anyway just wanted to get that out there.
    Lol #javierlovesjavier its good I’ll roll with that hahaha


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