Ep56: LIVE from Tangaroa Terrace

Jul 15, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: This episode was recorded live from Tangaroa Terrace (behind Trader Sam's) after our 'Inside Out' movie get together!

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Inside Out was such a great movie! It was an interesting exploration of the human psyche and how our emotions all intermingle. It’s definitely not a movie that many (younger) children will fully comprehend because it’s not really a “kids movie” but they will enjoy it. This episode is full of spoilers so we’re gonna keep this post short.



In this episode we also talked about a follow up article regarding the gentleman that had his Club 33 membership revoked. We updated by saying that Club 33 didn’t revoke his membership but they actually refused to renew it. There’s a great article over at MousePlanet that talks about the situation. Check out the story here:


Until next time! °o°

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  1. Jonny

    Triple Dent Gum…….. HEYZEN!!!!!!! lol NOW ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sam Gonzales

    This is by far one of the best Pixar movies next to Up. I loved the story line that Pixar put together for this film. What I enjoyed the most is, it made you think about how your personality works, in one of the most fun ways possible. I took my nephew to see this movie and he LOVED it. I believe he loved Joy and Sadness the most. Even better, we saw the Minions the next day, but he continued to talk about Inside Out! My theory, this will be the most talked about and beloved Pixar movie for the next couple years. Its up there with Toy Story. Wish I could have gone with you guys to see this! I’m gonna try to make it to the Good Dinosaur or Suicide Squad!

    • Heyzen

      Agreed! I totally look at my kid’s meltdowns in a different light now. The effects of Toy Story and Up are lasting but I don’t really think of them frequently (even after watching them) but almost every time I get upset or see the kids get upset I can’t help but think of one of those 5 colorful emotions.

      It was totally fun! We’d love to have you out at the next one!


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