Ep65: Vlogging is hard

Sep 16, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: This week we talk about Heyzen singing in the park, vlogging is hard, Aladdin is leaving DCA to make way for Queen Elsa, we talk a little about Mario's last day at Disneyland for a while and Heyzen still thinks that the Haunted Mansion overlay happens too early.

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This past week Heyzen and his wife visited the park with their good friends, Disney For 2.  As they entered the park, VJ saw his friend Keoni and after a few jokes about singing around in the parks, the actual singing began. Heyzen got carried away (and nervous) while singing and didn’t let Keoni jump in.  Even though he was extremely sorry, it didn’t stop Mario and Javier from calling him “song greedy” and even made up the word songry for him. Check out Disney for 2’s video that includes the clip of Heyzen and Keoni on Main Street, U.S.A.:

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The tripod and iPhone holder that that Heyzen was referring to are made by SP Gadgets. Here are links to purchase them on Amazon if you’re interested in getting them:

Both are super sturdy (as long as you lock them in place properly) and hold down the phone really well. The tripod itself is actually for a GoPro camera so if you want to mount a regular thread camera, you will also need the adapter (the 3rd item above) to do that.

The Paint The Night parade is amazing! But a quick look at the photo that Heyzen posted to his Instagram account shows what he was talking about where the character’s faces are very dark. What do you think? Do you agree with Mario and can say that it really doesn’t bother you?


Here is Ariel’s float. As you can see her face is also fairly dark:

Aladdin is leaving the Hyperion theater at California Adventure. If you want to read our blog post, click here: ‘Frozen’ replacing ‘Aladdin’ next summer at DCA

The Diamond Edition of Aladdin on Blu-ray will be released on October 13, 2015. You can click on the image below to pre-order via Amazon.

The photos that the Disney Parks blog posted some AMAZING photos of the new gingerbread house in the ballroom scene and the Hatbox Ghost this past week and Heyzen was drooling. Both shots were taken from an angle not really accessible by guests and for an amount of time that the Doombuggy would be traveling to fast to keep steady.

gingerbreadhouse-disneyland hatboxghost-holiday-disneyland

So where do you stand on the argument of the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ overlay in the Mansion? Should it go in after Halloween so that the Mansion is “spooky” on Halloween or do you like when it is put in and how long it’s there? Leave a comment down below.

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Sam Gonzales

    Frozen Show:
    Here’s the the thing. When I first saw Frozen in theaters, I instantly fell in love with the film despite all of the doubt I had for it. I went to Facebook immediately and made a post about how much of a great idea it would be to see it in the theater in DCA. I found out that day that it was already in the works to be done. So I knew this day would happen. I get it, Disney is KILLING Frozen. But there are so many kids who are still very much in love with this movie. I’m personally excited to see what they would do. If they chose something else, I would probably pick Cinderella. I’ve seen the Broadway version and it was beautiful. It was quirky, the effects were amazing, the songs were fun, the jokes were corny, but good. But, Aladdin has been there for a while. And like Walt said, Disneyland will never be finished. If you can still dream it, you can build it. And it goes the same for DCA.

    Nightmare Before Christmas:
    Sorry to say, NBC is way to overkill for me. I much prefer the Haunted Mansion over NBC any day of the week. The layover is great. But it being out for as long as it is, Hayzen, I agree. Its Christmas decorated. Why is Christmas coming out in September? But I’m not a huge fan of the cross over in general. I really enjoy the Haunted Mansion original the most.

    I’ve done this for a few months. Its difficult. But you just have to go with the flow and have a lot of fun with it. Film what you find fun and interesting. Speak your mind. And the reason why many people are going to the internet more is because less advertisement and more truth to the videos. The vlogs are homemade by what were no bodies to somebodies people respect. Vlogging is a lot of fun. Trust me. My friends and family love them because we can go back and see these home movies and just talk about that specific day. 🙂

    • Heyzen

      Thanks for your thoughts, Sam!

      You’re definitely right about kids loving the movie. My own kids still run around singing songs from this movie even though they haven’t seen it in months but then again, our generation is still singing songs from The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, right?

      High-five on the the NBC! Truthfully, I like the overlay. It basically gives you a new ride without the need for construction. With that said, I still believe that a Haunted Mansion on Halloween is still better. Plus! It’s nice to have one-up on WDW since they have a lot of things we would want here in SO-Cal. 😉

      Thanks. I’m sure that the more we do it the easier it will get. Now, where’s my camera? LOL

  2. Jonny

    Frozen: Its getting over killed. Plain and simple. Great movie, going to make a great broadway show someday especially if the Lopez’s(who already have amazing broadway credentials as it was robert who helped parker and stone with Book of Mormon, and Robert who was one of the minds behind Ave Q) are involved. But they might as well rename DCA “Disney’s Frozen Fun” and with the way star wars is invading DL(I absolutely love Star Wars btw) they should rename all of dinseyland “Star Wars Land”.

    NBC: I was LITERALLY just having this conversation this past week with my wife and buddy David from Mickeys Little Monsters. I LOVE the overlay. And I really like some of the changes they put in this year, although the graveyard is WAAAAAY too bright as for the first time EVER I could see the ceiling in the graveyard. THAT BEING SAID, the overlay is on for FAAAAAAAAR too long. I say add some Jack/halloweentown stuff for halloween. THAT would be cool. GET THE CHRiSTMAS STUFF OUT UNTIL MID NOVEMBER!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (editors note* I JUST listened to the section where you talk about this AFTER I had already written this part of my post lol)

    Halloween Time at the parks: My wife and I are SOOOOOOO disappointed in HTATP this year. They had really been stepping it up over the last few years, with the conjure a villain, all the pumpkin carving/scrapping, and the events up at Big Thunder Ranch. THIS YEAR, the ranch doors are remaining SHUT and there will be NONE of those events. Also we asked a cast member about the closing of the Ranch and what is going to happen with the petting zoo portion. As its been announced the horses will be off site and will be trailer’d over every day. THE REST OF THE ANIMALS HOWEVER, will not be relocated to somehwere else in the park and will in fact be going home with cast members. I feel like Walt would be turning over in his cryogenic crypt. Frontierland really was one of his biggest baby’s. He wanted real horseman in the park, he wanted to let animals be around. What is left of frontierland I ask you?? Tom Sawyers island is now a pirate island. All we’ve REALLY got is the mark twain, Thunder Mountain, and the golden horseshoe. It really isn’t all that much when you compare it to everything else. Its a shame what has happened to frontierland.

    Finally in conclusion, HEYZEN! THERE IS NO NEED TO COMPARE PASTRAMI AND A BURGER! Just go to the Village Haus and get a PASTRAMI BURGER!!!!! SOOOOOO tasty!!!!

    • Heyzen

      Totally agree on the overkill thing. Wow! Wasn’t aware that helped on Ave Q! Very cool!

      I’m sure renaming Disneyland wouldn’t be in everyone’s top 3 things to do. LOL!

      YES!! It is WAY too bright in there! I snapped some photos of Spiral Hill and I can totally see the ceiling in some of the photos. 🙁
      I feel like those thoughts of bringing in the overlay aren’t that uncommon. Trickling in Jack (I feel) would be closer to the movie. Besides, how awesome would recreating the forest and having Jack peek into the Christmas tree in the loading area be?!

      It is weird that they’re not putting anything back there this. Especially since no real construction begins until January. The pumpkin painting back there was one of the things I kept looking forward to and they’re not doing anything like that this year. Wonder where in the park they’ll put the animals.

      Mmmmmm… pastrami burger….

      • Jonny

        oh bro I think you missed what I said about the animals. My wife and i asked the cast memebers running the ranch and they said the petting zoo animals will be going home with cast memebers.

  3. Angela

    I always love when you talk about lights ????.

    That said, I agree with the Paint the Night Parade and the character lighting.

    I don’t want Aladdin to leave. Period. However, I support Disney’s ever changing and evolving vision. There’ll be more magic regardless.

    Love ya guys!

    • Heyzen

      Thanks, Angela! 🙂

      Yeah, the changes are becoming more frequent and some of them are harder to swallow but it is and always will be an evolving park.


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