Star Wars Land announced at D23 Expo

Aug 17, 2015 | Blog post

In this episode: Disneyland is expanding!
After wpid-wp-1439830915916.jpgmonths of speculation Bob Iger officially announced at the 2015 D23 Expo that a Star Wars themed land is coming to the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts. A major concern for many guests was the placement since (unlike its Florida counterpart) Disneyland proper has very little space available. A recent tweet from user @Malin1804 asked the Disneyland resort if the rumor that Toon Town would be removed to make way for Star Wars Land was true. Disneyland responded by saying that the area where Big Thunder Ranch currently sits will be used. Behind the BTR area are offices and a backstage area which is where the new land will go. With Disney’s recent land purchases surrounding the resort it would make sense to move the offices to one of those remote locations and expand the park in the direction. A couple of years ago this area was also the site where the rumored “Emerald City” would go. Unfortunately “Oz The Great and Powerful“didn’t create a widespread phenomenon.

Concept art of the new lands are already circulating and the it looks amazing! The lands were announced to be 14-acres in size and with quotes like “It’s going to be a whole new level, a whole new galaxy” and “You’ve never seen a cantina like this before” make it exciting to see the immersive world that will be brought to the resort. The new land will feature a ride simulator (which so far seems very similar to Star Tours) where you will pilot the Millenium Falcon and of course, the Star Wars Cantina.

Disney Imagineers have learned a lot from creating the upcoming “World of Pandora” Avatar land (coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida) so it’s very exciting to see how the new tech that they’ve developed/learned from will be implement to not only give you a representation of a land but literally put you in it (similar to what Cars Land did for California Adventure).

Are you excited to see a new land come to Disneyland? Are you excited that it’s Star Wars? Leave a comment down below.

Concept art:



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1 Comment

  1. Christilynn

    I attended the Expo over the weekend here are a few of my thoughts. I have many so I’ll try and make it brief.
    Arrived at 8am on friday it was nearly impossible to tell were the line began. The convention staff seemed pretty clueless. We didn’t get in until 11 and that was only because we had a connection that slipped us in the side (shhhhh) I couldn’t have stood in that blistering sun much longer without falling dead with heat stroke.
    Due to the long lines and disorganization I missed the Ledgends panel which is the highlight of the weekend for most. So dumb on their part to have had that panel at 10. Im not going to lie I wanted to punch someone in the face. (Not really… Well kinda)
    Anyway attended the Inside Out Panel and the 60,years of Imagineering panel on Friday. Both were great! Also the Archives were a highlight for me!
    Sat. Seemed to run slightly smoother. I was told by a cast member that Disney shuttled in a bunch of people from DCA to work the event helping try and smooth over some crowd control issues. Saturdays panels were all good. I’m so glad I got my stage pass early for the Once Upon a Time panel because that line was insane.
    I would suggest to make things smoother at the next con they allow people to register for the panels at home online. They have the app. So it would be easy to set up a scanning system where they scan the barcode on your phone verifying that you registered for that panel. This would eliminate waiting in the long stage pass lines and allow people to plan their entire day without stressing over what panels they were or were not going to get into. Needless to say there was much to talk about with the announcement of all the new attractions including the much anticipated Star Wars Land!
    Side note… It was so much fun seeing so many people and meeting new ones. I love that Disney brings people together that way.
    Overall it was exhausting but would do it over and over again!!! Just glad that its only every 2,years!!!
    Good to kinda see you Heyzen! Even if it was just a quick wave across the crowd lol
    Can’t wait to here your recap Wednesday
    Cheers to the Ears guy
    Christilynn aka DisneyVodka


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