Time Lord Lightsaber

Dec 22, 2015 | Blog post

In this episode: A Doctor Who inspired Lightsaber? Umm, yes please!

If you’re a Doctor Who and a Star Wars fan there is now an awesome way to show your fandom for both! Thanks to the amazing work of Kenneth Hampton you can have a custom Sonic Screwdriver Lightsaber! Here is an image that Kenneth posted on his Instagram account:

If you think the image is impressive, check out his reveal video below:

Kenneth has created many amazing Lightsabers and while these custom pieces can range anywhere from (just under) $500 to approximately $2000 with some of the sweet bells and whistles (and by that we mean “the works” with Lightsaber swinging/clashing sounds) the craftsmanship put into these custom pieces is amazing! You can truly tell that Kenneth has a passion for making these.

For more information on getting your own custom Lightsaber visit:


Until next time! °o°

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