Ep126: It’s the thought that counts

Nov 16, 2016 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: It's Javier's (kinda) birthday episode! We talk about the struggle he went though to get himself a Classic NES for his birthday, Heyzen poses a better(?) solution if you were unable to get one before the holiday rush, Shanghai Disneyland is getting a new land, candy canes are coming back to the Disneyland resort and more!

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This last week the internet broke as everyone tried to get Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini Console. If you were one of the fortunate that got one, congratulations! If you were left without your own retro fix (like Javier) you’ll be happy to know that you have options!

One of your first options is to use the device many of us already carry on a daily basis. Emulators allow you to play retro games on your phone. Believe it or not, most phones these days pack a lot more computing power almost all of the retro systems. For instance, if you own an Android device you can download an emulator which will allow you play retro games on your phone (just search “NES Emulator” in your app store).

If you want a little more of a challenge you can get yourself a Raspberry Pi (which is basically a mini computer) and setup something called “RetroPie”. With technologies like 3D printers, you can even have a small case made to look like the classic NES. The great part about this method versus buying the classic NES is that you can fit WAY more games on the mini computer plus other emulators (e.g. Super Nintendo, N64, etc). Tons of videos about making/using a raspberry pi as an emulator are available on YouTube. We picked one out that was just extraordinary! Keep in mind that the video below is meant for more advanced users because it requires some soldering knowledge and how customized it is down to the mini NFC cartridges. Although some of those things aren’t really needed to make your own Retro Pie, the purpose of the video is to show you that other things are possible (that might even be better) plus, it’s just pain awesome! If you’re interested in starting to experiment with a Raspberry Pi, we’ll include some Amazon links below.

Here is a much simpler version of the RetroPie setup:

So does this look like something that you would want to try yourself? Will you just wait for the Classic NES to come back in stock? Leave a comment down below.

Have you checked out our Dapper Day vlog?

Mario brought up the Iron Man Experience coming to Hong Kong Disneyland. With the opening of Star Wars Land we feel that Star Tours will leave an provide a vacant slot for something like the Iron Man Experience (or a Wall-E ride). Check it out below:

It’s fresh hand-made candy cane time at Disneyland again! The schedule is below:

CANDY PALACE at Disneyland
Friday, November 25
Wednesday, November 30
Friday, December 2
Monday, December 5
Wednesday, December 7
Friday, December 9
Monday, December 12
Wednesday, December 14
Friday, December 16
Monday, December 19
Saturday, December 24

TROLLEY TREATS at Disney California Adventure
Saturday, November 26
Tuesday, November 29
Saturday, December 3
Tuesday, December 6
Thursday, December 8
Saturday, December 10
Tuesday, December 13
Thursday, December 15
Saturday, December 17
Tuesday, December 20
Sunday, December 25

Remember that every batch is only about 40 candy canes and there will be 3 batches per day. You will need a wristband so you’ll need to line up early to get one. If you get a wristband make sure you pick up your candy cane after the time written on the band but no later than 4pm. If you go past 4pm they may sell your candy cane to someone on the wait list.

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Kristin

    I have to agree that having a Wall-E roaming around Tomorrowland at Disneyland OR Magic Kingdom, would be dope as hell!

  2. Bryan Paula

    Hey guy!!!! Great topics today!!!! First off I want to say to Hayzen, that is not weird to have Sour cream with your Tamles!!! I also have sour cream, I like mine on top, on tamales and of course hot sauce of some sort. Second I like the idea of A Wall•E himself and/or a ride in Tomorrow Land. It would make sense and the theme would be about 700 years in the future. So we would have Wall•E relevant in there for years to come. Also after hearing your wife’s and you guys tasting the Candy Canes, I’m think of getting them for the First time. Finally I liked your Vlog this week. Sorry that your camera got messed up, but it was good vlog. I especially liked the Mary Poppins and Bert performance with the band (the name of the band escapes me hahaha) and especially the adorable little children dressed up as them. Also the Daper Tightrope walker and Hat Box Ghost!!!! Thanks for making great episodes can’t wait for new ones coming up!!!!


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