Ep203: Thanos Listens

May 9, 2018 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we tell you how to find out if Thanos sacrificed you or spared you at the end of Infinity War! How skilled are you at using the CLAW? Plus Disney just had their Star Wars After Dark event and we thought it would be fun to blue sky our own After Dark events at the park!

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For months we’ve known that Thanos kills many during the events of Avengers: Infinty War (don’t worry we won’t mention who) but were you spared by Thanos? A new website will let you know if you were sacrificed for the betterment of the planet or if you were spared. To find out, go to:


Post your results and tag us!

** NEW Disney For 2 VLOG **

THE ONE WHERE WE SEE GABBY AND JOURNEE FROM AMERICAN IDOL AND TRY MORE PIXAR FEST FOOD! In this vlog we meet up with Belinda and her son Troy to try more of the Pixar Fest food. We try a couple of new sandwiches and the Lotso Funnel Cake from Hungry Bear. And we also try the UP Tart and the UP Merit Badge Eclair from Jolly Holiday.

We always have letting our imaginations fly high during our blue sky sessions! If you like any of our Disney After Dark event ideas or have any of your own leave a comment in the section below!

Our friend Jason’s daughter just started a new clothing line with some great designs, make sure to follow her on Instagram!

If you want to check out the Pixar games that we talked about in this episode click on the image below!

Some of the music in this episode was mixed by DJ AG! Make sure to check out his Soundcloud link and follow him for more cool tracks! The song Star Wars – Cantina Band (DJ AG Remix) can be heard below.



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