Ep333: Helping The Magic Makers

Nov 4, 2020 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: This week we talk about new content coming to Disney+, an give you an update on the state of the reopening/closing of Disney Parks, a new app that we've been using to pass the time, we talk about the possibility of annual passes no longer being available, plus the Walt Disney Family Museum is launching a new Escape Room experience!

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Returning the magic!

Sadly, the Disney Company laid off over 28,000 cast members (and counting) at Disneyland and Walt Disney World due to the pandemic. There have been many initiatives setup to help cast members and in this episode we talk about shifting our current Teamboat Willie fundraising efforts to help cast members in need.

We’ll be setting up our own fundraiser with Seconds Harvest Food Bank of Orange County and the info will be available here once that is setup. In the meantime, below are some links that can help cast members:


Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

Cast Member Food Bank, Hosted by Workers United Local 50

Walt Disney World

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central FL

Cast Member Food Pantry

Cast Member Small business and services

Laid off and furloughed CM Support Sheet

How to help Disney Cast Members – Resource List

If you would still like to donate to our CHOC Walk fundraiser to help the Children’s Hospital of Orange County the information is listed further down in this post. 


generative art see yourself as a disney character

 Recently we found out about a website app called Toonify HD that makes you look like a Disney character. The app uses a technology called “deep learning” using a method called Generative Adversarial Networks. Deep learning can be designed to teach computers to do things that come naturally to humans. In this case, however, this app does something called “generative art”.  At its core, generative art is art created using computer code.

For approximately $4 US dollars, you can  get 10 image credits to convert using the Toonify HD algorithm. Here are some examples of the what it does:

  What do you think about how these look? Leave your comments below!

You can check out the web app here:


If you would like to learn more about this process and what it is, you can visit the free code camp website below:




Join us on Discord!

Our new Discord server is now live! We’re looking forward to hanging out, chatting with all of you and doing some game streaming! Click on the image for the image link:





We are excited to announce that we’ll be participating in the first ever Virtual CHOC Walk to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County!

 or the first time, this year’s walk will be a virtual experience! Even though this year has been a less than optimal we still want to do what we can to help the children at CHOC!  

You can make a difference by making a donation using the link below or by joining our team to help raise money! Our current goal is to raise $1000. We would also like to encourage you to share our donation link as we work towards building a better future.

Together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for your support!



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