Disney Parks Pack (Trading Edition)

May 6, 2015 | Blog post

In this episode: New way to collect Disney pins starting May 14th, 2015!
Image credit Disney Parks Blog

Image credit Disney Parks Blog

Attention pin collectors! On May 14th, the Disney Parks online store will release their first Disney Park Pack which will include two (2) open edition pins before they are available in the park and one (1) limited edition 500 pin. The limited edition pin will only be available as part of the park pack which will be part of a series which may include characters from around the parks or animated features. New Disney Park Packs will release on the first Thursday of every month. Pricing will be $39.95 (which includes shipping) but no refunds, exchanges or returns will be allowed due to the collectible nature of the items. If you want to sign up for updates head on over to the DisneyStore.com/ParkPack.


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