Ep15: Building Magic (Our Ride Concepts)

Oct 1, 2014 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we finally get to pitch our ride concepts that we originally talked about creating back in Ep8: Rides Never Built.

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This episode was pretty fun because we finally get to pitch our ride concepts that we talked about creating back in Ep8: Rides Never Built. Before getting to the brief ride descriptions, here are the videos of the bend tests that we spoke about in this episode. Here is the Consumer Reports video that Javier was talking about:

The two videos that I was talking about by Unbox Therapy:

Here’s the Note 3 response video:

Please keep in mind that we are in no way bashing the iPhone but we wanted to share the videos for your own observations. As of this writing we know that less than 10 cases have actually been reported to Apple but it’s still a possibility and we liked the humor involved with this. 🙂


Our Ride Concepts

Here are the brief descriptions of each pitch from the podcast along with what time in the podcast you can hear each idea start.

Mario (21:53): Imagine soarin’, tumblin’ and free-wheelin’ through an endless diamond sky. Using 3D technology and giant screens in a dome, you enter a pod that simulates a magic carpet as you see, smell, and hear the sounds of the world.

Javier (33:43): Imagine entering the boardwalk at California Adventure but you are now a toy and you’ve entered Andy’s room. Everything towers over you. A 10 foot tall Buzz and 12 foot tall Woody welcome you to the family or Andy’s imagination. Ready for a fast-paced tour of Andy’s room? “Beep beep!” RC Car opens his door and you’re ride through Andy’s room is about to begin. California Screaming has now been transformed into a Hot Wheels race track with visuals that depict Andy’s room.

Heyzen (42:44): The year is 2105 A.D. Imagine a world where you’ve been instructed to vacate the planet aboard the Axiom. Surrounding you are many Wall-E units picking up trash and compressing it while you get your items ready and hear commercials for the Buy and Large. As you climb into your floating chairs along the old People Mover track that will take you to the Axiom (formerly Innoventions) you get a sense that maybe you shouldn’t be going on this “5-year” trip.


Which ride do you like the most? Do you have a ride idea that you want to share with us? Leave a blog comment down below or click on the Facebook post below to cast your vote.



So until next time, here’s to beers, cheers and Mickey ears!



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  1. Ashley

    Sooo many thoughts on this episode! First, this is in my top 5 of Podketeers episodes. I love the imagination. To be honest, you are all awesome because I could not come up with something like this (I’ve tried). Now on to my judgement of all your hard work 😉
    They say that you only have 90 seconds to capture someone’s attention with an idea. Mario had 12 minutes and I still could not get into this ride idea. I really wanted to love it. On my must do list every time I am in the parks is the Aladdin show. Unfortunately, I think the idea was just not developed enough or exciting enough to thrive at Disney parks.
    I have some reservations with Javier’s Toy Story Land idea. I love that the original concept of DCA was to be all of these areas of California and nods to those things. I love that Paradise Pier is supposed to be an homage to the Boardwalks up and down the coast. I think remembering that gives cohesiveness to the “wooden coaster”, the carousel, pier games, and the other rides along the pier. Originally, there were a lot of other things in that area that tied it all together before Midway Mania was added in. I HATE that Javier wants to change that (PS I am still angry that Mulholland Madness was rebranded as Goofy’s Sky School because it doesn’t fit that CA theme)! Also, RC would not be on a Hot Wheels track, he’s too big. If this is based on Buzz’s first “flying” scene in the first film, you’d have to stick with Hot Wheels for continuity. And to be honest, a car ride has been done (Radiator Springs Racers), and done really well. Sorry Javier.
    For me, Heyzen’s pitch was the best. I could picture myself on that ride and being on the People Mover going on through to Axiom. I love that it replaces Innoventions, reuses the People Mover, and adds some “tomorrow” to Tomorrowland. Additionally, I felt like the other two ideas relied on needing to rebrand a “land” to give it weight and this ride seems it would have it’s own strength within Tomorrowland without needing to add a new land or change an original land.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Again, all three of you are great as I could never come up with a ride idea so cohesive. Hopefully, my input came across as constructive and fun!

    • Heyzen

      Wow, Ashley! Thanks for your reply. You had a lot of great points. I’ll start by saying thank you for supporting my ride idea! 🙂 Coming up with these ideas was fun but really challenging.

      Not sure what Javier thinks but here’s my response to Javier’s Toy Story idea. I totally get what you’re saying about the Boardwalks, etc. In reality (this is my personal opinion and it might be because I live in California) but it never really felt like that to me so Javier’s idea sound appealing just to bring a few more characters and fun to that area. Maybe it’s just because I really love Toy Story. LOL! (BTW, totally agree on the Radiator Springs got it right thing)

      When at California Adventure, have you ever gotten the “boardwalk” feeling or do you get a feeling of being at a Disney park?

      • Ashley

        Pre 2007, it had a very boardwalk feel with the shops and eateries right along where the carnival games and Midway Mania are now and had Maliboomer as you make the turn towards the swings. It had a nice relaxing feel of the boardwalks/piers I grew up on in the Bay Area but in a Disney park instead of on the foggy Delta. I am not a huge Screamin’ fan and it used to be a nice quiet area to hang out while the rest of the family rode the coaster.

        With the park redesign that started in 2007, they changed it to a more of a 1920’s-ish seaside amusement boardwalk which I think was the beginning of that area losing its cohesive boardwalk/pier feeling. That redesign was also when they rebranded Orange Stinger, Mulholland Madness, and the Sun Wheel to more character oriented rides. As much as I love Midway Mania, it really pushed Paradise Pier further from a cohesive theme and made it more mish-mashed.

        Haha, I’m like the grumpy old man that sits on his porch yelling at the kids to get off his lawn but instead I’m sitting on a bench next to Paradise Bay yelling quit changing my pier! I think everyone has a special place in each of the parks, and the Pier was definitely my place in DCA.

  2. Melissa

    LOVED this episode!!! There’s nothing better than imagination and in this episode all 3 of you brought it! I remember when the idea of creating a new ride was brought up in previous episode and let me tell you, Mario and Javier both had similiar ideas to mine. I had 2 ideas for kicks and giggles. One was Aladdin’s Escape from The Cave of Wonders, Mario’s idea of using carpet from A Whole New World Scene is fantastic! Another idea I had was bringing Yzma’s (Emperor’s New Groove) roller coaster to the lab to life! Javier’s Toy Story idea was AWESOME! I would love to see Screamin as the Hot Wheels coaster. Don’t get me wrong I love CA Screamin but to blend it all to Toy Story Theme is great! Then Heyzen’s pitch, man, what can I say…MIND BLOWN! YES on taking over Innoventions, I would love to see new life to that area in Tomorrowland. I loved the whole idea and I was like Javier, at the edge of my seat the entire pitch! All these ideas we’re very well thought and I could imagine the Disneyland Resort with these ideas one way or another. Great job you 3 and thanks for another episode!

    • Heyzen

      Thanks for supporting my ride, Melissa! 😀

  3. Gavin

    Great pitches guys! I am intrigued by all 3. I love Javier’s idea of a Paradise Pier makeover which would consolidate the theming based on Toy Story (why don’t they just move Triton to the other side of the bay next to Little Mermaid anyway?). The idea of giving a specific toy-based concept to Screamin’ is, indeed, genius! I also love the far-reaching scope of Heyzen’s idea for a Wall-E ride which would touch the entire geography of Tomorrowland. The timeline of your story line is incredibly clever.
    However, my vote goes to Mario’s Whole New World ride and the idea of making a whole new land where Flik’s Fun Fair now sits. Although I do like the fact that a bug’s land keeps tons of kids entertained in one place, it holds almost no entertainment value for the adult visitor (It’s Tough to be a Bug! excluded). Changing this area into Agrabah would be amazing! And the idea of using simulation technology in your attraction like Soarin’ and Star Tours would allow you fly around the world in a limited amount of space. You could have the market place, the palace, the Cave of Wonders, a meet-n-greet INSIDE the genie’s lamp! I would totally hang out in Aladdinland.

  4. JillyBean

    Holy amazeballs! I’m going to whatever theme park would incorporate all 3 ideas! Take my money! While all three are amazing imagination and engineering wonders, I have to vote for Javier. Toy Story has a very special place in my heart and to be able to be transported into Andy’s room would be so awesome! In Hollywood Studios at WDW, they have an animation area and the facades are Toy Story-esque. Tinker toys, alphabet blocks etc make up the structures. I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked, but Buzz and Woody have a meet and greet area! Magic Kingdom has an area very similar to an Agrabah market with a Magic Carpet ride, but honestly, it looked like a spin off of the Dumbo ride, wasn’t very imaginative. Wall-e, all I have to say is ME GUSTA!!!

  5. christilynn

    Loved all your ideas. I must say I’m tired of simulator rides and movie themed attractions.
    The Toy Story idea however would add some much needed cohesivenes to that area of DCA (and I’m all for that) with that being said here’s my idea.
    I would like to see “Unleased” a thrill coaster based on our Disney Villians.
    The attraction would be in Disneyland in the area between Small World, Matterhorn and Tomorrowland. The ride would be build as another mountain but dark and would stand tall enough just to be seen in the distance from the front of the castle. Guest would sit in a sleek coaster car. And dodge fire, drop into and under water into Ursalas lair, twist through and conquer evil to escape. Two or three different tracks with a variety of aniomatronics and special affects to ensure a different experience everytime.
    Thanks again guys for your awesome podcast. Love Wednesdays! Keep on being fabulous
    Cheers to the Ears

    • Heyzen

      WOW! None of us even considered the possibility of having a villains themed ride! I particularly love the location that you selected because 1. it would give that sense of danger in the distance you see in scary movies and 2. it would really help fill the void of the old motor boats but also add a little more dimension to Fantasyland. I love it! Cheers!

  6. Karina

    Hey guys! I know this is a bit late; there has already been another episode since I listened to this one, but I still wanted to leave y’all a comment because I loved, loved, LOVED this episode! One of my favorites by far. 🙂 I loved all your ideas! It would be impossible for me to pick one. Can I just say I vote for all three??

    Let’s start with Mario’s: I love the idea of a Magic Carpet ride. I’ve wanted to see this be turned into a ride ever since I first saw the movie. I originally thought it would fit right into Fantasyland in Disneyland, but after hearing the idea for the surrounding area and making it Agrabah at DCA, I am sold! As you mentioned in the podcast, neither park will ever be completed, which means it should always be changing and evolving, and I think it is time for A Bug’s Land to be taken over. Don’t get me wrong, I like A Bug’s Life and all, but I just feel like re-doing that whole area to Agrabah would add so much more entertainment value and for lack of a better expression, just be really cool!

    I am in love with the idea of re-theming the entirety of Paradise Pier and the Boardwalk area. I’ve never really been a big fan of this area. Let’s just say I REALLY dislike it. I get the argument that it is supposed to be an homage to the beach and the boardwalk here in Southern California and Santa Monica Pier, and I respect that. The original concept for DCA was for it to be a nod to California, hence the name. However, for the first few years that the park was open, it didn’t. . . .do very well (to put it nicely). It just didn’t work, which is why the park underwent that whole five-year renovation. It has been vastly improved, but there are areas that still need some work. In my opinion Paradise Pier is one of those areas. I rarely go out into that area, and I know several people who do not venture out that way either. Again, I get the argument about the California boardwalk. But for me, this area has never reminded me of being near the beach in California. (And mind you, I was born and raised here in SoCal. I’ve been here my whole life.) It has always reminded me more of Coney Island or Atlantic City. And therein lies the problem. It is just a mishmash of rides that don’t really have any cohesiveness. It’s almost as if they were thrown together as an afterthought. So I love the idea of re-theming the area and making it a Toy Story land, so to speak. The Hot Wheels track is brilliant! It would fit perfectly with Midway Mania, and there could be several Toy Story themed games along the boardwalk, or maybe even a different ride there. Like with the Agrabah theme, I just think changing it up would make the area a lot more attractive and make a lot more people want to visit. I know it is supposed to be a nod to California, but then again it is a Disney theme park. The park is called DISNEY California Adventure. So you’d have to expect/want a little Disney magic, right? 😉 And lastly, I know there is a Pizza Port in Tomorrowland, which I’ve always thought should be the place I’m about to mention, but for the sake of it being a Toy Story themed land, I would also venture to say that the Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta should be turned into. . . .Pizza Planet! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!?

    Finally. . . holy crap Heyzen! Your ride concept totally blew my mind! I’ve been so sad and upset for so many years that they have just let the People Mover track go to waste. Rocket Rods was such a disappointment, and then they just let that whole space fall by the wayside. The Observatron is not even operational anymore! It just plays the music! It’s frustrating and sad. Converting it into a Wall-E ride would just breathe so much life into this area. And not only that, using the Innoventions space for something people will ACTUALLY go into is brilliant! I’ve always thought this space could be used for something far better than what it is being utilized for now. I was just like Javier during your pitch–on the edge of my seat! My only question is, would you tear down Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters? Because if I remember correctly, that space was used as the queue for Rocket Rods. I may be wrong. I know when it was the People Mover that space was used for Circle Vision and you just passed through the exterior, but I was just curious as to whether you wanted to use that space or not.

    Anyway, it looks like I got a little carried away with my comments, so sorry! This episode just really got me thinking and excited and I just wanted to share my thoughts. You all should know how much I loved all your ideas! Much love and keep up the good work!

    • Heyzen

      Wow, Karina! Thanks for all the great feedback!

      Yes, I to think that having a magic carpet ride in Fantasyland would be a great addition but the space limitations are a bummer. The idea of moving it to DCA and creating Agrabah just gives more land to create an entire experience.

      Although I have a soft spot in my heart for the Orange Stinger of yesteryear, I fully agree with the mishmash of items that was in Paradise Pier prior to the renovation. We rarely go back there ourselves except to ride Midway Mania. For the most part, having the Midway back there serves as crowd control and can get several hundred people out of the crowd for a good amount of time. California Screamin’ is something I already tend to ride alone but if I’m alone I’m usually not in DCA. Regarding your last idea… I WOULD LOVE PIZZA PLANET THERE!!! How great would it be to also have the Pizza Planet truck there for photo ops!? Such an awesome idea!

      Thank you very much for your very kind comments on my ride! I would absolutely love to have *anything* Wall-E in Tomorrowland. LOL! I have a brief recollection of the People Mover and sadly never got a chance to ride the Rocket Rods. You are correct, the Rocket Rods queue was where Astro Blasters currently sits but I wouldn’t want to remove it, I would simply reroute the queue. Although small, I still see it serving the purpose of crowd control due to it also having an Omnimover system like the Little Mermaid and the Haunted Mansion.

      Thanks again for sharing these awesome thoughts with all of us! BTW, have your feelings changed about Innoventions now that some of the the Marvel characters are there?


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