Ep19: Bakin’ Bacon

Oct 29, 2014 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode, we're exciting about the 'Age of Ultron' trailer and Mario brings in some tricks and some treats for Halloween. Check out more at podketeers.com/episode19.

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Quick note: If you’re dressing up for Halloween, we’d love to see your costumes! Use the hashtag #podketeers31 so that we can find you!

There are now strings… on me.


Seriously. The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is awesome! The way that the music for Pinocchio is remade for this is trailer is great! I wonder if this trend will continue now that we’ve seen it twice in the last year (the last was Lana Del Rey’s version of ‘Once Upon a Dream’ for the movie  Maleficent). Check out the trailer below:

Most Marvel fans can clearly see that this movie looks to be doing a good job of setting up the Civil War as the next series that Marvel/Disney will tackle. It will be interesting to see how (if at all) Spiderman will be brought into the series since he played a fairly major role in the original comic series (especially since the rights to that character currently belong to Sony). On that same token, some fans took the audio from the trailer above and adapted it to the Pinocchio movie. Brilliant!

Postmodern Jukebox is slowly becoming  one of my favorite ensembles. The playlist below contains the version of ‘All About That Bass’ (originally by Meghan Trainor) that I think is just great but it also has some of the other versions of songs that we talked about in this episode.

In the episode we also give a quick “review” of the independent film ‘Escape From Tomorrow’.

During the episode, I mention that I wrote a blog post about the Disney Ambassadors, here is the link if you’d like to read it (or click on the image):



As far as the goodies that Mario brought in, here is the pic of the horrific soda known as… *bleh*… bacon soda. I never thought I shudder thinking about something with the word “bacon” in it, however, the cake ball was actually pretty good.

Never again, bacon soda. Never. Again.

Until next week! Here’s to beers, cheers and Mickey ears!


Until next time! °o°

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  1. Melissa

    Fun episode guys! However, Javier is KILLING me with his “like” and recommendation for watching Escape from Tomorrow. I saw this movie at a small theater with a group of diehard Disney fans solely for curiousity sake. We just wanted to see where they filmed and if we would recognize anything.


    The movie appeared weird with a lot of WTF moments. We did catch a lot of Disney jokes as well as Disney terms. Yes the film isn’t for the kids but the poster would tell you that. Who would take their kid to a movie when they see Mickey’s bloody hand as the poster art. We caught a lot of areas that were green screened, for instance where the father sits on a bench with his daughter supposebly in front of Innoventions…yeah right. There was a lot of creepy and weird folks. However I will never forget “I think you found my hidden Mickey” line. There were a lot of hidden Disney things here and there. Was it me or the cat virus that was the culprit at the end of the film a nod to the Cheshire Cat?

    Also…Small world creepy music!!!

    I would never recommend this movie to someone who was interested. Maybe a Disney fan who has similiar interest but not really to someone who’s looking for a film to watch. I didn’t like it and I hate when a film ends me with more questions than what I began with. Once was enough.

    • Heyzen

      Well said! The music was probably the best part of the movie for me. LOL!

  2. Kenneth Tucker

    Out of left field on this episode! I had no clue you guys were going to talk about ‘Escape from Tomorrow’! I enjoyed this movie a lot more than most people. I do have gripes about this film. The audacity of the film comes from the guerrilla style. The feats they had to do aka ride “It’s a Small World” many, many times to get the shots they wanted or needed. I don’t care how much anyone enjoys that ride, listening to “It’s A Small World” on repeat will drive anyone a little bit insane. The reason they did B&W is because it’s much easier to control color correction in post. This eliminates the need of having the right lighting for shots. ( No Arc Light, B Lights, etc.) They used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV to handle the rides and places that had very low lighting (Please No Flash Photography)

    The problem here is the story. Is it too heavy handed? Yes and no. A misrepresentation? Most definitely. I can see where he is coming from though. “Bad Things Happen Everywhere.” A simple Google search can tell you that some traumatic things have happened on Disney property. I guess it’s more or less putting yourself in a person’s shoes that have lost a loved one at The Happiest Place on Earth. (Or getting news that you have lost someone while on a trip.) Then you have the parents that have spent a bunch of money taking a child to Disney, but the child is still unsatisfied because they didn’t get the expensive souvenir they wanted. The child stalker is very much creepy and unsettling, but for the millions of guest (18.5 Million/2013/Magic Kingdom) there is bound to be one sicko. What this leads to is the fact that, for some people, makes Disney a not so happy place.

    The story is a hodgepodge of not enough substance and too much “What is-?” That all aside, Abel Korzeniowski made a ridiculously good score for this movie. ( I urge you guys to listen to it “without” any context via YouTube) To sum this all up without making this a five page essay; imagine a fence. I’m somehow on the fence, but most of my body is on the bad side of the fence. That’s how I feel about this movie. 1/4 ‘ight and 3/4 meh.

    Like always……I enjoyed this week’s podcast! Take care!

    • Heyzen

      I have to agree with you on the score, Kenneth! Without the context of the movie the music is really strong. Definitely worth a listen. You’re also spot on with your observation about how much easier it is to color correct/edit in black and white. As Melissa stated in he comment, the scene in front of Innoventions was lackluster at best.

  3. Mamabear

    Ok, I actually drank a whole bottle of bacon soda kind of because I was told I wouldn’t finish it. I poured the rest of the bottle over ice and finished it. Hearing your reactions made me laugh so hard I scared my cats!

    Cake pops are very rich and dense because they bake a cake, then tear it to pieces and mush it all back together with a little bit of frosting. Now, about this candied bacon… Is it good enough for me to try or should I stick with my candied chipotle bacon? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Escape from Tomorrow…I tried to watch it. The story line was like I was watching a movie after surgery with the pain meds still in effect. I thought I kept missing bits, nope, it was the movie. I fell asleep watching it, so in fairness I will watch it one more time just to see if I can ferret out the noir aspect Javier raved about.

    As always great ep, I laughed, I wanted to cry, but most of all, I just wanted bacon.


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