Ep25: Access to the dragon

Dec 10, 2014 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we announce the 5 winners of our first ever holiday giveaway! We also talk a bit about the unexpected dose of Disney magic added to the resort's magic bands. Finally, Mario gives us a rundown of the upcoming FASTPASS change to Fantasmic! Give it a listen and post your thoughts.

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Congratulations to all of the winners of our holiday contest! We had a such a great response to the contest and were humbled by the response! Over 100 individuals submitted entries for the contest combined between Facebook and Instagram! Thank you all so much! The winners were:

  1. @disneyvodka (on Instagram) – Podketeers shirt
  2. Kenneth Tucker (on Facebook) – ‘Main Street Windows’ book
  3. Christina Astorga (on Facebook) – Podketeers shirt
  4. @joyceann52 (on Instagram) – Kindle eBook Bundle
  5. @robd_foto (on Instagram) – Podketeers shirt


Javier starts off the podcast talking about his favorite Goofy cartoon (Goofy Gymnastics). If you’ve never seen it, check it out below. During the podcast I mention that during the era that these cartoons were released Goofy didn’t talk much because he didn’t have a voice. The original voice of Goofy was Pinto Colvig and in 1939 he had a falling out with Disney leaving no one to voice Goofy. This led to the release of Goofy cartoons with minimal dialogue during the the 1940’s. These cartoons generally had a narrator explaining what Goofy was doing and pre-recorded Goofy clips. The first set of these cartoons were called the “How-to” series and was followed up by the “Everyman” series.


The Goofy Holler

Did you know that the “Goofy Holler” is a stock sound effect created by yodeller Hannès Schroll and was originally created for the short ‘The Art of Skiing’? Since then it has been used in movies like Cinderella, Pete’s Dragon and Enchanted.



Disney’s Magic Bands are a way to connect yourself to your vacation (currently at Walt Disney World) by allowing you to pay for goods/services, grant you access to the park and also serve as your FASTPASS(es). The RF technology (which can also be read by NFC enabled phones) holds generally info about you, your family, credit cards, etc. As of this episodes release, Magic Bands are $12.95 each but are included for free is staying at one of the resort hotels (WDW) or if you’re a WDW Passholder. One of the coolest Easter Eggs of the Magic Bands is that you can unlock something called ‘Dragon’s Gate’ and a flying dragon in Disney’s Infinity 1.0 game and also the ‘It’s A Small World’ facade in the 2.0 counterpart.  check out the videos below. Have you used these Magic Bands yet? What was your experience with them? Let us know down below.

Beginning December 12, 2014 you will be required to obtain a FASTPASS to see Fantasmic! from one of the assigned seating areas. This is similar to what Disney has done with ‘World of Color’ over at California Adventure. The primary difference is that you can also obtain a FASTPASS for FANTASMIC! but purchasing a meal at the Blue Bayou (inside Pirates of the Caribbean), get the table-service package at River Belle Terrace (in front of the Rivers of America) or an all desert menu at the Hungry Bear restaurant in Critter Country. Do you think this change will help the flow in New Orleans Square during FANTASMIC! or will it cause issues? Leave your comments below.


If you’re interested in helping someone out this holiday season, here are 3 local listener projects to help make the holiday season a little bit better (click on any image for a larger view):

Contact @evil_queen or @captain_awesome82 on Instagram.
Contact @WaltsWonderersSC on Instagram
Contact @SonsOfTortugaSC on Instagram

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Jill

    Wow, Mario got upset about the fast passes!! I 100% agree with him though, I come from out of state and never make it to the park early enough and always miss out on fast pass for Radiator Springs Racers! Now I know it’s Heyzen’s fault!!!

    Now, about the Magic Bands… They are pretty dang convenient! The “control center” site is called My Disney Experience, you log in and can set your fast passes up to 90 days before your trip. It is also available by the My Disney Experience app. You tap the Mickey icon to the pictured globes for entry along with your fingerprint to identify you. Once in the parks you can use it for your selected fast passes, merchandise and ride photos. If you purchase the memory maker, what we did was when you previewed your attraction photo, you gave your number to the counter, tapped your band and it was saved to your account, this also worked at all photopass locations!! We stopped at almost every photo pass photog and grabbed group photos and selfies with a tap of the wrist! It was funny coming back to Disneyland and not having the ability to tap our bands. I want to say it was in our literature about the access to Disney Infinity.

    In WDW there is a desert party for various shows including the fireworks show at Cinderella’s castle. We went to an area at Tomorrowland Terrace that faced the castle, were seated at a table and were told to help ourselves to deserts! Cookies, tarts, fresh fruit, cocoa, coffee and juices! I am hoping the desert party at Hungry Bear is just as awesome!! The fact that Fantasmic meal options could possibly leave you out in the cold if Fantasmic is cancelled is scary after being spendy on the meal.

    • Javier

      I want a blue magic band


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