Ep33: The Club on rue Royale

Feb 4, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we talk a tiny (really tiny) bit about the history of Club 33 and some of the changes over the last year.

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In ‘Episode 15: Building Magic (Our Ride Concepts)‘ we came up with our ride concepts and pitched them for everyone to vote on and your votes helped me win! 🙂 If you haven’t heard it yet, click on the link to check it out.

We didn’t get a chance to talk about this in the episode but before we started recording we were watching these NFL “bad lip reads” and had to share them. Check them out and leave your comments below:

In case you missed the posts, we talked about some of the changes in the blog post called:

Recap: Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Announcement

we also have a post with a sample of the projections that Javier was talking about here:

The new projections on Main Street, U.S.A.


The castle is covered up for it’s face lift for the 60th Anniversary.


In this episode we talk about Club 33 and I mention that I had heard that the old entrance was a supply closet (which I thought housed cleaning supplies and stuff) but it is actually a storage area for items for the Le Bat en Rouge. So, I wasn’t totally wrong.  Also, I found this YouTube video that someone posted of what the club used to look like before the renovations:


This episode we also launched a  new achievement if you have visited Club 33! When posting it, use the hashtag #Podketeers33Visit so that we can find your post! 🙂



Until next time! °o°

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  1. Gavin Otteson

    Club 33! and Heyzen 33! Happy birthday good sir!

    I have never been to Club 33 and I’ve always wanted to, or course. I did get an invite once in the last months before the club was closed for expansion. But the member who invited me thought I was local (sadly I’m not…yet) and I could not get time off from work to make it out there at the time. I did get the chance to meet this member on my latest visit, however, and they did treat me to a visit to Club 33’s little brother the 1901 Lounge. It was very cool. It’s filled with nostalgia and actual artifacts from the Disney Archives. And it’s design a style are quite beautiful. But I think you guys talked about this before.

    Back to Club 33. I do agree with Mario in a sense. I’m a little saddened that they not only expanded, but completely reworked the whole interior of the club essentially erasing the original. But from what I’ve seen the new club looks breathtakingly beautiful within and I’m never going to turn down any future invitation I might get.

    That’s my opinion on the interior. My opinion on the exterior changes that came along with the club’s expansion are quite different. I still mourn the loss of the Court of Angels. And the perfect aesthetic that was created by the imagineers in 1967 was muddled with new walls, passageways and windows that don’t blend and throw off the architectural balance. The best example is the huge, slightly-off-center window they installed at the front of Cafe Orleans so that members could better view Fantasmic. It looks ridiculous. New Orleans Square is still my favorite land, but it’s not the clear frontrunner it once was.

    • Heyzen

      Thanks, Gavin! 🙂 Yeah, 1901 is beautiful! Did you stare at the wall long enough to see Walt’s shadow walk by? 😉 LOL! The off-center window is a bit weird, however, most people don’t notice it until it is pointed out to them (btw, inside the club it is centered).

      • Gavin Otteson

        I figured that window had to be centered on the inside. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I did stare at the Walt shadow wall. And then I stared at everything facing it to see if i could determine how they did it. I can only assume it’s projected from behind the wall. My host was cracking up as I investigated from every angle. Ha ha! I envy your little trip between the unload an load areas in Haunted Mansion. I want to know how it all works!


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