Ep57: Disneyland turns 60!

Jul 22, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: On July 17, 2015 Disneyland celebrated it's 60th birthday and Heyzen talks about the (non)madness of getting there early, the freebies, being the pilot of the Mark Twain for the first time and how he watched the birthday ceremony.

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This was the early morning line on the day of Disneyland’s 60th birthday. This is what you saw around 5am. This was the fourth line to enter security check but the line wasn’t much longer than what you see here.


Once you were past the security gate, everyone spread out so everyone was pretty close to the front gates as you can see by the image below:


Early birds received the OC Register with many articles about the celebration and what appeared to be some vintage reprints (“appears” because Heyzen refuses to open his).  Here is a pic of the front page:


Once inside the park there were many photo ops with a replica of the “I was there” button handed out to guests as you walked through the turnstiles. Oscar Martinez is the longest tenured employee at Disneyland. He got hired in December of 1956 and has been there for 59 years! And yes, he did cook for Walt. He held a large version of that button and guests could take photos with him at the Carnation Cafe.


If you ever get a chance to pilot the Mark Twain, we definitely recommend it! It’s a really fun experience especially for kids (as seen in the photo below):


This is the Mark Twain signature book that we talked about in this episode. As you can see Jeff’s mistake was leaving a space above his message. 🙂


The free cupcakes were everywhere! Here is Erin showing off her free cupcake:

Free cupcakes?! Best day ever! #disneyland60

A photo posted by Erin Crider 💖 (@pizzapizzazz) on


A lot of the lands also had vintage photo ops of what existed in that land in 1955. Here is a group photo in Tomorroland (old Tomorrowland looked sweet!):

Hanging in Tomorrowland of ’55! #Disneyland60

A photo posted by Jeff Heimbuch (@jeffheimbuch) on

One of the photo spots in California Adventure was really funny because it showed the parking lot view of Disneyland where DCA used to be. Seriously. One of the funniest things seen all day!



The plus’d up version of the Disneyland Band is great! Based on the structure of the All-American College Band (as talked about in Ep42: Ch-Ch-Changes) and they are more upbeat and animated. Check out this video we found on YouTube of the new band performing:

The giant screens that we talked about were pretty much in every land. The screen is below was the one in Frontierland (yes, the one in front of the Shooting Gallery):


It was really cool to see one of the group photos that Jeff posted on the screen in front of the Partner’s statue!


Overall it was a great day. If you weren’t able to catch the festivities, here is a video we found on YourTube of the entire ceremony including Richard Sherman’s performance with Ashley Brown (Broadway’s Mary Poppins) of ‘Feed the Birds’ during the celebration:

Oh yeah, if you were wondering how much fun Jeff was having that day, check out his video below:

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Jonny

    I didn’t realize Heyzen and Andre the Giant had something in common!!! “I only doggy paddle!” – Fezzik/Heyzen

    • Heyzen

      So.. is Javier ‘Vizzini’ and Mario ‘Inigo’? LOL!

      • Jonny



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