Ep92: There’s another cover?

Mar 23, 2016 | DisneyFor2 (VJ / AJ), Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we talk whether Batman or Superman is cheating to win in their upcoming movie. We talk about Marvel Unlimited and how we'd like Disney to do something similar with their own library of content. Collecting the variant covers for the Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion #1. Disney offers a Haunted Mansion experience called 'Ghost Post'. We check out the Disney Magic Kingdom game. The Matterhorn gets some long-awaited cushioning and our pal AJ from DisneyFor2 calls in to talk about their first experience riding Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters.

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Haunted Mansion #001 was recently released and it was a treasure hunt to find all the variants. At first, Heyzen thought there were 4 variants but he missed the announcement of the 5th one featuring original artwork by Marc Davis.

The cover that Heyzen is missing is this version:


Nice. Right?

Not too long ago there was an attempt to release a Haunted Mansion comic book which didn’t get too much traction. That first attempt in-part introduced the story of Randall Pace who would later go on to become the legendary Hatbox Ghost.

The Matterhorn finally got a much needed upgrade! Cushioning was added to the bobsleds! Check out the photo by OC Register staff photographer, Mark Eades.

After complaints, Disneyland added cushions to the bottom of the seats on the Matterhorn Bobsleds this week. //// ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Disneyland added cushions to the bottom of the seats on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. - Date of photo: 03/18/16 - disney,bobsledcushions -- Photo by: MARK EADES, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Date of photo: 03/18/16; Photo by: Mark Eades, Staff Photographer

Have you tried out the new seats? How do they feel? Did you even think the bobsleds needed cushioning?

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters is now open and although it isn’t pleasing everyone, many agree that it’s better than the old ride in that area. Disney released a cool Fact Sheet about the ride. Check out these facts:

Fact Sheet

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, the new attraction in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park, is rolling with fun and festivities. Twenty of Luigi’s cugini (cousins) are visiting from Carsoli, Italy, to help celebrate Race Day in Radiator Springs with music and dancing at Casa della Tires.

Guests are invited to join the excitement by hopping aboard miniature Italian roadsters, inspired by late 1950s micro cars. Each car performs the traditional dances of Carsoli, moving to upbeat music and Luigi’s singing in precision-choreographed moves across a trackless “dance floor.”

“Here at Luigi’s, the roadsters seem to have a mind of their own,” said Kevin Rafferty, Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering, “When you come back to ride again, chances are you’ll enjoy an experience that’s different than the last time you rode – especially since each of the cars has a signature move they love to perform.”

The Cousins from Carsoli, Italy

  • A “roadster” is an open-top automobile that seats two. While Luigi is a Fiat 500, his cousins are an automobile brand invented by Walt Disney Imagineering, called Frizzante, which had never been seen on Route 66. Now, they are exclusive to Cars Land.
  • Half of Luigi’s cousins are male, and half are female. Guests may identify them by the front-end chrome grill “moustache” on the male roadsters.
  • All of Luigi’s family members have their own names and unique looks—except for two coral-colored cars. Although they are identical sisters, guests may notice that Rosa has green eyes, and Gina has blue eyes.
  • The cars have Italian license plates representing the place of their registration: their hometown of Carsoli, Italy.
  • Each roadster performs his or her own routine, offering a different ride experience depending on which car a guest boards and which song is playing.

Fun Facts

  • “Rollick” means to behave in a jovial and exuberant fashion.
  • Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters is the first Disney attraction in the United States with a trackless ride system.
  • Guests will enjoy spinning, turning and gliding across the track as the energetic roadsters perform their routines. The ride experience is also fun to watch, as the cars interact and dance together.
  • The cousins need a lot of “vrooom” to demonstrate the dances of their village. The trackless “dance floor” behind Luigi’s Casa della Tires is approximately 125 feet long and 70 feet wide.
  • Luigi is such a huge fan of Italian Formula Racer, Francesco Bernoulli from the Disney•Pixar film Cars 2, that he created a very special moment in his garden to showcase an “Autopiary” of his legendary hero.
  • In honor of his cousins coming over to Cars Land for a glorious day of dancing, Luigi ordered the Fettuccini tire company’s newest model in dancing tires, the “Danza.” Around the queue and Casa della Tires, guests will see posters and banners sent from Fettuccini to go with Luigi’s order.
  • In addition to dancing, Luigi and his cousins also sing vocals for the songs heard on the attraction. Guests may hear these songs:
    • “Rollicking Night and Day” – sung by Luigi himself
    • “Mambo Italiano” – sung by cousin Rosetta
    • “The Tire-antella” – with call outs from Luigi
    • “Eh, Cumpari” – sung by cousin Lou
    • “Funiculi Funicula” – with call outs from Luigi

– See more at: http://disneylandnews.com/2016/02/25/luigis-rollickin-roadsters-at-cars-land/#sthash.6svwcahG.dpuf

Our pals @DisneyFor2 had a chance to check out the ride on opening week. Check out their video below:

Remember to subscribe to their social channels:

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Tony Shalhoub reprised his role as Luigi for the ride. Check out this behind the scenes video of him recording the script and one of the songs for the ride.

Until next time! °o°

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