Ep93: The critics versus ‘Batman v Superman’

Mar 30, 2016 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we talk a little about the struggles when making some lifestyle changes regarding food while events like the Food and Wine Festival at California Adventure and the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's Berry Farm going on. We discuss the reviews for 'Batman v Superman' and give our thoughts as to why maybe people are reacting the way they are. Plus we talk about the Hatbox Ghost materializing on the 6th variant of the Haunted Mansion #1 comic book.

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Grilled Beef Tenderloin Slider with chimichurri sauce at The Farm – Photo by Disney Parks Blog

After a 6 year hiatus the Food and Wine Festival will be running at Disney California Adventure from April 1 thru May 1, 2016. There is a lot to do because the festival is not just limited to food and wine tastings. From food, to beverages, to lifestyle seminars, there is a little something for (almost) everyone. Recently the Disney Parks Blog posted the menus for the festival marketplaces. The marketplaces will be open Friday-Sunday and food selections will range from approximately $4-$10. Wine, beer and specialty drinks will range from $5-$15. Here is what to expect:

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival Marketplaces


  • Chilled Ahi Poke with avocado crème and Wakame salad, topped with sesame tuile
  • Pork Belly Bao Taco with pickled vegetables
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart with almond brittle and sea salt

The Vineyard

  • Cabernet Flight
  • Chardonnay Flight
  • Pinot Noir Flight
  • Wine and Cuvée by the glass

Wine Country

  • Zinfandel-Braised Wagyu Beef with creamy polenta and spring pea puree
  • Roasted Yellow Beets and Purple Haze Goat cheese with baby greens, green ver jus, sultanas and cashews
  • Blackberry Tart with rosemary vanilla bean crème fraîche and a Cabernet wine glaze

¡Viva Fresca!

  • Fried Shrimp Soft Taco with pickled red onion-jalapeno, queso fresco and avocado-lime crèma
  • Anaheim Chile and Roasted Cauliflower Burrito with Jack cheese and avocado-lime crèma

Gold Rush

  • Triple Cheese Mac with Smoked Chicken featuring Fontina, Cheddar and Gouda cheeses Artichoke Chips with Spicy Aioli
  • Apple Bacon Whoopie Pie with maple cream cheese icing and bacon brittle

The Brewhouse

  • Southern California Beer Flight
  • Northern California Beer Flight
  • Craft beers by the glass

The Farm

  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin Slider with chimichurri sauce
  • Golden Thai Vegetable Curry with jasmine rice
  • Meyer Lemon Macaron with blackberry marmalade, Meyer lemon cream and dried bluberry dust

By The Bay

  • White Cheddar Ale and Bacon Soup, served in a Boudin sourdough mini-boule
  • Chilled Shrimp and Snow Crab Cocktail
  • Coconut Tapioca layered with fresh mango and lychee boba, topped with green tea micro sponge and mango-couli sesame tuile

Festival-Inspired Specialty Items at Disney California Adventure Restaurants

Carthay Circle Restaurant

  • Specialty menu item and wine pairing every week

Carthay Circle Lounge

  • Carthay Cobb Salad
  • Caribbean Club Sandwich

Pacific Wharf Café

  • Dungeness Crab Corn Chowder served in a Boudin sourdough boule

Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill

  • Shredded Pork Tostadas with grilled pineapple slaw and chipotle crèma

Lucky Fortune Cookery

  • Chicken and Vegetable Dumplings

Wine Country Trattoria

  • Fresh Strawberry and Pistachio Cream Tart, paired with a featured wine

Mendocino Terrace, Sonoma Terrace and Hollywood Backlot Studio Bars

  • Sausage and Cheese Plate
  • Fruit and Cheese Plate

Throughout the month you will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations from famous chefs as part of ‘Celebrity Kitchen’. Stage 17 will host 90-minute demonstrations showing you cooking-styles and sharing recipes. The price for these demonstrations is $99 (plus tax and gratuity). These will happen Saturdays at 1pm and 5pm. The celebrity chefs currently scheduled are:

  • April 2 – Robert Irvine – Restaurant: Impossible
  • April 9 – Andrew Sutton – Executive Chef, Disneyland Resort Signature Dining (1:00 PM only)
  • April 9 – Guy Fieri – Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (5:00 PM only)
  • April 16 – Keegan Gerhard – Food Network Challenge (5:00 PM only)
  • April 23 – G. Garvin – Road Trip with G. Garvin
  • April 30 – Graham Elliot – MasterChef, MasterChef Junior

To book a spot click here check availability:


One of the most interesting things about this festival are the “Beyond the Kitchen: Lifestyle Seminars”. Held in the Hollywoodland area of DCA, you will have the opportunity to watch local artists produce an art piece while provide commentary about their process. There will also be seminars on photography and gardening.

If you will be attending any of the seminars or tastings for the festival, drop us a message and let us know how it went. For a chance to appear on an upcoming episode, send us a recording to comments(at)podketeers(dot)com.

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This last week Heyzen had definitive confirmation that there are 5 6 different covers for Haunted Mansion #1.  The last one he found out about was a variant by Bobby Rubio which has the Hatbox Ghost on it. The bought this variant by getting in contact with Fried Pie Comics (@friedpiecomics on Twitter) and buying it on BooksAMillion.com. Below is the image we posted on Instagram. Which cover do you like the most? Leave a comment down below in the comments area.

Warner Bros’ latest release ‘Batman v Superman’ is getting chewed out by movie-goers. With comments raging from “the plot is horrible” to the “the CGI was garbage” you can hardly go anywhere without someone negatively commenting on this movie. The trailers made the movie look pretty good and it got people very excited but those that watched it were very disappointed. Box office numbers soared as the film broke several records reaching Have you seen ‘Batman V Superman’? Without dropping any spoilers, what was your take on the movie? Did you like it? Was it as horrible as people are saying? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


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