Ep252: Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

This week we discuss additional changes coming in preparation for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge (including changes to Adventureland and the Disneyland app). A teaser has finally dropped for the upcoming Star Wars film and we now know the title! We got an official announcement for what we can expect to see on Disney+, launch date and price. Plus, Gavin continues our talks on Toon Town by telling us about Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin!

Ep251: Toontown – The Tale of the Mouse’s House

In this episode we talk about a group of Avengers that made a surprise appearance at California Adventure, we discuss some of the downside at Fox after the conclusion of the Disney acquisition, an academy award winning director is leaving Disney for Sony, extra-wide strollers and smoking are now banned at Disney parks and we cap off the episode with Melissa telling us a little about Toontown!

Ep250: WED and the team that built Walt’s Dream

In this episode we announce the winner of our March Mayhem competition. Melissa gives us her thoughts on the new live-action Dumbo film. Gavin heads to WonderCon plus we talk about the original Imagineers that helped build Disneyland!

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Galaxy’s Edge new attraction previews!

This week, guests at the Destination D event in Orlando were treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming attractions at Galaxy's Edge!Along with news that John Williams will be scoring the new lands, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products...

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WeveGotEars ❤️s Podketeers! ★★★★★ Yes they tell stories and make jokes but you know there are enough Disney podcasts out there chock full of straight info. I love hearing these guys’ take and love their jokes. They deliver Disney news (and etc!) in a fun way that always keeps me chuckling. Their passion for Disney is evident and they do their research while giving their own opinions too. It’s great. Emmyao via iTunes

So Much Fun Listening! ★★★★★ These guys are hysterical and make you feel like you are one of their friends! Plus, they have great info about Disney, Comic Books, Movies and everything a Disnerd loves. Listening to them during my commute is a highlight of my week. Thanks so much guys!! InventorsDaughter via iTunes

Warning: You will laugh. ★★★★★ Wednesdays at work are my longest days in the week, and these guys have me busting out laughing! My coworkers think I’m crazy because I laugh so much! If you love everything Disney, beer, bacon, technology, and everything in between, you should DEFINITELY give this podcast a listen! I’ve been listening since Episode 1 and have not been disappointed! Lady Ramz via iTunes

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