March Mayhem 2023

Mar 8, 2023 | Blog post, March Mayhem

In this episode: It's time for Podketeers March Mayhem 2023! Which Disney quote will win it all? Your votes will determine a winner!

This page last updated on 3/8/23

Welcome to the official page for March Mayhem 2023! In this year’s tournament, some of our favorite Disney quotes will face-off to determine which one has all the quotableness power! If you’re wondering whether “quotableness” is a word – it sure is.

We’ll be posting updates as the competition progresses so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily to see if your favorites advance!

Bracket updated 3/7/2020

Matchup schedule

Voting for each match-up will run for 24 hours starting via the Podketeers Instagram Stories using the “Poll Sticker” feature. Here are the match-ups and results:


Mary Poppins [Winner] vs. Han Solo

Lilo [Winner] vs. The Emperor of China

Cheshire Cat [Winner] vs. RX-24

Darth Vader [Winner] vs Pocahontas

Peter Pan vs. The Ghost Host [Winner]

Edna Mode [Winner] vs. Chef Gusteau

Emperor Kuzco [Winner] vs. Queen Grimhilde

Roger Rabbit vs. Lumiere [Winner]

Homer Simpson vs. The Genie [Winner]

Winnie The Pooh vs. Mike Wazowski [Winner]

Tony Stark vs. Captain X [Winner]

Buzz Lightyear vs. The Old Prospector [Winner]

Dory vs. Ariel [Winner]

Powerline vs. Mufasa [Winner]

Cinderella vs. Dug [Winner]

Din Djarin [Winner] vs. Thanos



Mary Poppins vs. The Ghost Host [Winner]

Lilo [Winner] vs. Edna Mode

Emperor Kuzco [Winner] vs. The Cheshire Cat

Lumiere vs Darth Vader [Winner]

The Genie [Winner] vs. Ariel

Mike Wazowski [Winner] vs. Mufasa

Dug vs. Captain X [Winner]

Din Djarin vs. The Old Prospector [Winner]


The Ghost Host [Winner] vs. The Genie

Lilo vs. Mike Wazowski [Winner]

Captain X [Winner] vs. Emperor Kuzco

The Old Prospector [Winner] vs. Darth Vader


The Ghost Host vs. Captain X [Winner]

Mike Wazowski vs. The Old Prospector [Winner]



Captain X [Winner] vs. The Old Prospector

Until next time! °o°

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