Recap: Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Announcement

Jan 28, 2015 | Blog post

In this episode: Check out some of the new things coming to the Disneyland Resort to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the park!
This evening marked the kick-off event in which 200 APs (Annual pass holders) were invited via the Disney Parks Blog to an event giving them an exclusive sneak peek of the what is to come for the Diamond Anniversary of Disneyland. The celebration will kick-off on May 22, 2015 with a handful of changes. The first is to World of Color.

The new World of Color show will be called Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney and will feature Mickey Mouse as he tells the story of Walt Disney.


Photo Disney Parks Blog

Next will be an all new fireworks show called Disneyland Forever. This one is really exciting! It’s described to be a “sky-high celebration featuring sparkling pyrotechnics, immersive projections, and other effects that transform Disneyland park right before your eyes!” The image below is concept art of what the projections will do to Main Street, U.S.A. during the show. If that wasn’t enough it will feature 2 brand new songs composed by Disney Legend Richard Sherman called “Live the Magic” (which will be the theme) and “Kiss Goodnight”.


Photo Disney Parks Blog

Also kicking off on May 22, 2015 will be the reincarnated version of the “Main Street Electrical Parade” called “Paint The Night”. Now, this parade isn’t necessarily new because it’s already been in other Disney parks (like Hong Kong Disney) but it’s going to be great having an actual night-time parade again. The parade will have updated lighting technology and will feature 1.5 million LED lights! Check out some photos below:


Photo Disney Parks Blog



Photo Disney Parks Blog



Photo Disney Parks Blog


This is also the parade that we mentioned in Episode 31 that is rumored to work with the “Glow with the Show” merchandise that is now available in the parks. The last set of changes announced is to Sleeping Beauty Castle and Carthay Circle. Both will covered in diamonds for the celebration as see in the concept art below:


Photo Disney Parks Blog

Photo Disney Parks Blog

Photo Disney Parks Blog

We don’t think this is going to be the only announcement that Disney has in store. As a matter of fact, more AP invites have been sent out for future special events. So what do you think of the announcements this evening? Leave your comments down below.

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Rob

    I read that with the fireworks show that they’re going to use the whole park as a stage for the show. Did you pick up on that? I’m assuming they’ll do projections throughout the entire park. Thoughts?

    • Heyzen

      I did catch that. I wanted to try to get more info on that but it felt like they were saying that the show would be available anywhere in the park. Basically if you’re in New Orleans Square the projections are also going to be on those buildings; maybe themed to the land? Hard to say. Hopefully more info comes out on this to elaborate.

      • Rob

        I just read on Twitter that they’re installing projections on Small World, The Matterhorn, Tom Sawyers Island and Main St. So during the fireworks show, you’ll get to see those in those areas. I’m super excited about what they’ll look like on the Matterhorn! This is the link for the article that I read, which I’m sure you’ve already read too! Lol

  2. Rob

    Oops, I left my comment on the post for episode 32! lol, my bad.

  3. Gavin

    Paint the Night!!! So excited!!!

    • Heyzen

      Isn’t it though!?! Can’t wait! 😀


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