Vlogmented Reality #10: Seeing the Fantasyland Skyway station one last time

Jun 19, 2016 | Blog post, Vlogmented Reality, YouTube

In this episode: With paperwork filed to officially demolish the Fantasyland Skyway station, Heyzen headed to Disneyland to check out one last time.

Until next time! °o°

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1 Comment

  1. Bryan Paula

    OMG!!!!! This is weird!!!!!! When I went to the park on June 12, I also took photos of the Fantasyland Skyway Station!!!!!!! I was waiting for my Girlfriend and saw the structure and decided just to take pictures!!!! After that we were waiting for Casey Jr. Ride and was thinking I should take Pics of the station cause you saw more of it. I did, not very good shots. And it saddens me that 2 days later, they demolished it!!!! But I’m glad that I took pic of and a bit of Disney, and mine memories, history.


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