Ep143: Beastly Kingdom

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DC fans in SoCal can now rejoice as Six Flags Magic Mountain is getting their own Justice League attraction! In the area between the old Waterfront and the Riddler’s Revenge. This version will be the first to incorporate Harley Quinn and will also run in the opposite direction from the the original version in Texas. Check out the video ride-through below:

Below are a couple of great videos with Imagineer Joe Rohde that help us understand why and how Pandora will fit into Animal Kingdom.

Do you remember the movie Dinosaur from way back during the turn of the century? Were you even aware that Disney created a 3D-animated film called DinosaurDinosaur was Disney’s 39th animated film was their first attempt at creating a computer animated feature without Pixar. At the time, Dinosaur was the most expensive release of 2000 which cost $127.5 million to make but was a success financially bringing in $349 million in box office revenue worldwide. Check out the trailer below:

Here’s the Disney For 2 vlog that we talked about in this episode:

Until next time, here is to beers, cheers and Mickey Ears! °o°

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