Ep191: Look, ma! No bridge!

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We started off this episode talking about an episode of Full House that starred former Mouseketeer and Disney Legend, Annette Funicello. If you’ve never seen the clip (or would like to see it again), here it is:

We’re very excited about the upcoming fireworks show call “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”. The show will be debuting on April 13, 2018 will be dedicated to the theme of friendship. Almost every show at the Disneyland Resort tends to highlights multiple properties and this will be no exception. Due to the amount of characters in the Pixar universe, we began to wonder what properties would possible be highlighted the most in this show, here are the ones we came up with:

Heyzen: Toy Story, Cars, Coco, The Incredibles, and Monsters Inc.
Gavin: Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, Monsters Inc., Coco
Melissa: Cars, Finding Nemo, Up, Toy Story, and Wall-E
AJ: Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Coco, and Ratatouille
VJ: Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles, Coco, and Monsters Inc.

Looks like we have a lot of similar choices so what if we made this a little challenge between the team to see  who got the order of appearance correct (if these happen to be a part of the show)?

What do you think the top 5 will be? Leave your answer in the comments section below!


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Disney California Adventure recently celebrated it’s 17th anniversary and since the opening of the park there have been many changes! One of the most iconic things that is no longer at the park are the large letters that spelled ‘CALIFORNIA’ out in the esplanade.

Accompanied by the replica of the Golden Gate Bridge and Sun Wheel behind them made for a very nice sight. The letters themselves would be transformed to help promote things going on in the parks, for instance, during the ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ celebration, the inside of the letters had a sky and clouds. During the holiday season the inside of the letters look like candy canes. When World of Color first debuted, the inside of every two letters was filled with a color of the rainbow. In case you’re wondering, when they were removed, the giant letters were donated to the Friends of the California State Fair, a nonprofit organization that benefits California Exposition & State Fair (Cal Expo) in Sacramento.

One thing we never had a chance to try was having a meal at the ABC Soap Opera Bistro. Sitting where the current ‘Disney Junior Live on Stage’ show is held, this building once housed a restaurant!

The idea behind stepping into some of your favorite soap operas (if they were your thing) and interacting with the characters was an awesome concept. The fact that almost every room was decorated to represent a set from a TV show that was airing on ABC was a fun idea.

What do you miss from the original California Adventure? Leave a comment down below!


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