Ep220: Halloweenify it!

by | Sep 5, 2018 | 0 comments


Silly Windows

We’re really loving the new windows that have appeared on Buena Vista Street at California Adventure! We had not heard about these windows and were surprised to see them. So far it looks like they’re displaying scenes from Silly Symphonies cartoons (but they feature Mickey Mouse). We don’t know if this is just for Halloween or if these will be a permanent fixture at California Adventure but we’ll keep you posted!

Galaxy’s Edge Cantina

In this episode we talked about Disney’s recent decision to overturn a long standing policy about not serving alcohol at Disneyland (except at Club 33). When Galaxy’s Edge opens, Oga’s Cantina will serve alcohol for the first time in the parks 60+ year history. Where do you land on this question? Are you okay with the change because it’s a sign of the changing times? Do you think Disney should continue to honor this tradition? Let us know down below.

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