Ep241: Armchair Imagineering (A Brighter Tomorrow)

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By now you probably know that Heyzen likes to nerd out on Pokemon Go. As he mentioned in this episode, several people had expressed interest in the “level 40” design he had made and it’s now available for purchase! We don’t know if this will permanently be in the #PodketeersGear Store but  for now it’s available! 🙂

If you place an order for yourself or a friend, we’ll need the Trainer name and the year level 40 was reached so that the shirt can be customized. You can enter that info in “Order notes” during the checkout process. Check out the designs:


Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for 13 years for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 hoping to have some closure. If you need to catch up with the story before playing, here is deep dive into the story. If you don’t want to watch the entire 1 hour+ video, there is a simplified version below.

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Before the release of the Cars 3 movie, Heyzen headed to the Autry Museum at Griffith Park (California) to check out the Road To The Races pop-up event.

Big Al

In this episode we talked about where "Big Al" got his name, well, it was non other than "Big Al" Al Bertino a former Disney Animator! Check out the photo below, do you think they look alike.

Until next time! °o°

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