Ep254: Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies

May 1, 2019 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we discuss a special foosball table featuring Heyzen's favorite Avenger, Iron Man. Google has a cool Avengers Easter Egg that we mention in this episode and you'll want to check out, Mel and Gavin experience Mickey's PhilharMagic and they give us their thoughts PLUS Melissa tells us about Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies!

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Iron Man Plays Foosball?

Bob Clagett is a YouTuber that likes to make stuff! As of this post, his channel rings in at over 2.4 million subscribers and he has tons of content. As a matter of fact, some time ago, Heyzen was interested in making a retro arcade system using a Raspberry Pi and Bob’s Arcade Cabinet project build is largely why he was so excited about building one.

In this episode, Gavin talks about a foosball that they have at work which was build from scratch as a collaboration with Bob. If you’re interested in downloading the files needed to make your own Iron Man and Storm Trooper foosball parts you can grab them on the MatterHackers website for free by going to:


You can also purchase plans to build the actual table for just $5 on the ‘I like To Make Stuff’ website by going here:


Check out the video from this build below:

Florida Magic in California

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is officially open at Disney California Adventure! Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Have you seen the Florida vesion? How did it compare? Did it feel outdated to you? Leave your comments below!

The Experimental Cartoons

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies were experiments as the studio continued to push the envelope of what was possible in animation. The 3 Little Pigs was the first successful Silly Symphony which was not only highly acclaimed but it also made the studio a lot of money, The original song Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf was a hit in the 1930s and to this day is one of most recognized Disney songs in history.

The 1937 cartoon The Old Mill is one of the most dark and interesting Silly Symphonies. If you’ve never had a chance to watch it, check it out below:

Melissa’s favorite Silly Symphony is the one that kicked it all off, The Skeleton Dance. 

One of Heyzen’s top Silly Symphonies that was mentioned in this episode is Woodland Cafe. 

Do you have a favorite Silly Symphony? Let us know in the comments down below!

We made a short list of some of the best products about the Silly Symphonies using our Amazon affiliate links!

Until next time! °o°

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