Ep327: A Chat with Matthew Serrano

Sep 23, 2020 | A Chat with..., Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: This week we're joined by Matthew Serrano the director of the documentary Live From The Space Stage: A Halyx Story and Remain Seated Please - A Hoot and Chief Story. Aside from his films, we also discuss how contrast in your experiences can mold the type of storyteller or even the type of person you become, Matthew shares tidbits not included in the film and more!

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almost lost

It’s not everyday that Disney fans are treated to something that almost no one knew anything about but that’s exactly what we can say  happened with Halyx.  

To take advantage of the space-craze of the early 1980’s due to the popularity of Star Wars, Gary Krisel pitched a movie idea to, then Disney CEO, Ron Miller about a space band. That became a real-life experiment in the Summer of 1981. Although the band never became what it was envisioned to become the history of this band was almost lost had it not been for this documentary.   

Below you’ll find Matthew’s films:

  • Live From the Space Stage: A HALYX Story
  • Remain Seated Please – A Hoot and Chief Story
  • “REMAIN SEATED PLEASE” – Directors Commentary

You’ll also find the links he talked about to help support him below the videos along with his social links. 

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matthewgserrano, https://bit.ly/2COIjky


Matthew_Serrano, https://bit.ly/2CJFSzx

Matthew Serrano

Matthew Serrano is an independent filmmaker working in Southern California. When he was 15, he began taking film classes at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. Since graduating from College, he has directed various films including his feature debut "Live From the Space Stage: A Halyx Story", and "Remain Seated Please".


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