Ep337: A Chat with Marco Palos

Dec 2, 2020 | A Chat with..., Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: This week we're excited to welcome Marco Palos to the show! Marco is the co-founder of Phat Cat Swinger, "Hollywood's Little-Big Band" which you may have heard play at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. Marco talks about the origins of his love for music and what inspires the songs he writes. He also tells us how social distancing played a role in giving himself permission to go beyond his comfort zone to explore different facets of his love of music and how he's pivoted that into an upcoming solo album release.

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Chapter One: Slow Down

Huge thanks to Marco for his time this week! It was a fun talk that we hope can help you make some positive changes in your life. To connect with Marco check out the links below:

Marco Palos

Marco is a saxophonist. songwriter, producer and the co-founder of "Hollywood's Little-Big Band" Phat Cat Swinger!

Marco's passion for music has helped him build a career spanning almost 2 decades and is now working on exploring new facets of his love for music as he prepares for the release of his first solo album.

The Little Big Band

Phat Cat Swinger has been around almost two decades and the shows we’ve had the opportunity to see at California Adventure are always super fun! Below you’ll find one of the performances ofPure Imagination that we talked about in this episode.  

Here is one of their entire performances while at the Festival of Holidays

Phat Cat Swinger Tube

The fellas from Phat Cat Swinger will be back live on YouTube in December! Make sure to subscribe to their channel using the link below to enjoy their live streams!

Join us on Discord!

Our new Podketeers Discord server is now live! Click on the image below for the invite link:

We're looking forward to hanging out, chatting with all of you and doing some game streaming!




Returning the magic!

Sadly, the Disney Company laid off over 28,000 cast members (and counting) at Disneyland and Walt Disney World due to the pandemic. There have been many initiatives setup to help cast members and in this episode we talk about shifting our current Teamboat Willie fundraising efforts to help cast members in need.

We’ve setup our own food drive to try to help as many cast members as possible, One of the things we love about what Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County is doing is that for every dollar donated will provide the equivalent of 3 meals per person. That’s amazing! To help, you can click the image below to make a donation or help us out by sharing our donation page with your friends and family so that we can try to help as many cast members as possible.

Below are other resources you can use to help furloughed and recently laid off cast members. 


Cast Member Food Bank, Hosted by Workers United Local 50

Walt Disney World

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central FL

Cast Member Food Pantry

Cast Member Small business and services

Laid off and furloughed CM Support Sheet

How to help Disney Cast Members – Resource List

If you would still like to donate to our CHOC Walk fundraiser to help the Children’s Hospital of Orange County the information is listed further down in this post.




We are excited to announce that we’ll be participating in the first ever Virtual CHOC Walk to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County!

 or the first time, this year’s walk will be a virtual experience! Even though this year has been a less than optimal we still want to do what we can to help the children at CHOC!  

You can make a difference by making a donation using the link below or by joining our team to help raise money! Our current goal is to raise $1000. We would also like to encourage you to share our donation link as we work towards building a better future.

Together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for your support!



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