Ep39: Avast, mateys!

Mar 18, 2015 | Podcast episode, Podketeers

In this episode: In this episode we take you through a little bit of the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland and talk a little about how everything in New Orleans Square may have been (or is...) connected.

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We start the podcast by talking about the ghost video from a couple of years ago that has been circling around. What do you think of the video?


Here’s the Tower of Terror video that we talked about too. This one is a little tougher but check it out:

Did you see the spirit manifest? the second time it appears it’s easier to see but it does appear behind the worker around the 00:26 second mark for a split second. What do you think? Real of cleverly edited? Leave your thoughts below.

Have you called the Podketeers line with your own Disneyland ghost story? Call us at:


Before we start talking about the ride itself we talk about the building that houses it. The Cabildo building below is the building’s inspiration.

The Cabildo Building in Louisiana.

Here is a photo from back in the mid-1960’s of Imagineer Blaine Gibson working on one of the animatronic pirate heads:


Check out this stripped down version of the one of the audio animatronics:

Photo TellNoTales.com

Photo TellNoTales.com

If you want to read more about the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride we recommend visiting TellNoTales.com by our pal, Jeff Baham.

Here are the last two incarnations of the “pooped pirate” that we mention in the episode:

v1: Pooped Pirate

version 1

version 2 (Photo www.parkeology.com)

version 2 (Photo www.parkeology.com)

Mario talks about some possible tie-ins between Pirates, the Haunted Mansion and New Orleans Square. Here is the coolest/craziest one regarding the chair used on pirates. The chair:


What do you think? Coincidence? Leave your thoughts below.

Until next time! °o°

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  1. Bryan

    I love this episode!!!! I love it some much I heard it twice!!!!! Love your episodes that you guys have a bit of history about the ride!!! Also I think Mario forgot one pirate on the ride that was taken off during the last remodel. The pirate with clothes and a bunch of hats on his head try to get in to a row boat but it’s getting away from him. I’m hooked to your guys podcast and I’m close to 20 episodes achievement!!!! Hopefully I get to meet you guys in Disneland and get a button!!! Thanks for the fun times while I’m listening!!!! Can’t wait for future episodes!!!! Bacon, beer, cheers, and Mickey Ears!!!!!!

    • Bryan

      Oh and I forgot one more thing. A pirates life is a happy life. Drink up me hardies Yo Ho!!!!

    • Heyzen

      This was a really fun episode for us too, Bryan! I’ll need to keep an eye out because I do believe that I saw the pirate with the hats/clothes during a recent trip (unless it was my imagination). I’ll look to see if the photos that I took in that area have or exclude him and let you know. 🙂 We hope to meet you soon too!

  2. Jill Marie

    Ok my brain hurts from that last bit. Seriously, mind….blown. Growing up Mansion and Pirates were my two favorite attractions, they almost feel like home to me. Knowing that there are theoretical connections is just amazeballs!!!! This episode should have had a disclaimer that it was going to make your head spin. I am a huge fan of how you guys work in history, and to know more about my two favorite places in the park was just awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch all four POTC movies.

    • Heyzen

      Have to agree that finding out about all the connections was so cool! We can only hope that those story lines one day get incorporated into the “official” story of New Orleans Square. 50th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion, maybe?

  3. Joe Pittman

    Hi guys, I’m new to the show. I really enjoy what you do. I just listened to episode 39 about Pirates of the Caribbean and liked it alot. I’m only going to comment on the movie score because I’m a big fan of it, all 4. And they are all different. Even though like in many movie series, they keep the same main themes. And in this case, in my opinion each film Keeps taking the music to the next level. I actually really like the 4th movie and it is a stand alone for sure with a few nods to relate to the previous stories. A great new nod to the ride also. And they even add Rodrigo y Gabriella to the soundtrack. Anyways, looking forward to new shows, but having fun catching up with the old ones.

    • Heyzen

      Hi, Joe! Thanks for listening! I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcast! I had no idea that they added Rodrigo and Gabriela to the 4th movie’s soundtrack! I’ll have to listen to it. After the episode I went back to listen to the first 2 and you’re right. They are different enough that you know which belongs to which movie but similar enough that you know they belong to a series (much like the Harry Potter soundtracks). Which is your favorite of the 4 movies?

      • Bryan

        I like all 4 POTC movies!!!!!! But I would have to say that At Worlds End is a very slight 1st. I like everything they had in it. And especially the little nod to the ride. When they go into the cave in a frozen wonderland at sea were Barbosa screams out when the waters started to be like Rapids “it to be late to alter Course Maties!” And of course when the scream goes to black and you hear the audio from the cannon ball fight!!!!!! I got super excited and yelled “yeah!!!!” While dancing hahahahaha!!!! And all in the theater were everyone laughed and started clapped!!! Love the podcast and I finished binged listening all 42 episodes!!!! It only took me less than a month and listening every second I can. There have been times where I almost was late to work cause I’m trying to finish an episode Hahahaha!!! I can’t wait to hear new episodes. I’m going to go back a start listing again from the beginning!!!! Thanks again for this awesome episode you made for us fans!!!!!


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