Ep200: The Road to 300

by | Apr 18, 2018 | 0 comments


Did you know that the Anaheim Howard Johnson has a camera that points to Disneyland and DCA? It’s generally a live feed and on  certain days you can see fireworks in the evening. Enjoy!

On April 22, 2018 guests of Disney’s Animal Kingdom will get to see a new mech suit that’s coming to Pandora! Towering over guests at 10 feet the new suit will carry a cast member around to tell you about the ecosystem in the Valley of Mo’ara. We’re hoping we get to see something like this at Disneyland soon. Maybe for a new Star Wars parade? 😉

During the episode AJ showed everyone a photo of her and Heyzen from back in January 2014. Check it out!

Very early on we had Gavin and VJ on as special guests. Check out those episodes below!

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