Ep301: 25 Years of Indiana Jones

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Increasing the Supply Chain

MatterHackers is a technology company based out of Southern California that specializes in  digital fabrication equipment and supplies. This week they’re are calling on their vast network of clients and anyone in the additive manufacturing community to help sponsor critical supplies (for hospitals and Govt. agencies) with medical aid by manufacturing components using 3D printing technology.

If you have access to 3D printing equipment or know someone that does and can help with this initiative, please refer them to this post or:


or click on this image:

On that page you’ll find important information about this program and how you can sign up to help.

Note: MatterHackers is not a sponsor of our podcast.

Simple Steps

Last week we posted a video by the CDC about simple measure you can take to try to avoid COVID-19. We feel it’s worth posting again in case you missed it.

Remember, stay calm and don’t panic buy. Please be considerate and stay safe. 


This week #HomemadeDisney was trending on social media as people from all around shared their own Disney Magic during our social distancing. Some of or favorites came from Jess Siswick (IG: @siswij) which you can check out below:


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Decoding the Messages

When the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction first opened at Disneyland their original sponsor was AT&T. As part of the sponsorship they created passed out decoder cards to guests to enable them to translate the “Marabic” petroglyphs throughout the temple (aka Mara-glyphs) into english. If you never had a chance to pick up one of these decoder cards (you may still be able to find them on eBay) the power of the internet can help!

Below are some archival images of the decoder card (front + back) from the site davelandweb.com; a wonderful photographic resource of Disneyland over the years.

Until next time! °o°


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